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TrishlerTrishlerhace 8 años
Club under construction!
Sorry for the trouble but the club is going through an update and getting a new layout. To be frank, the club is gonna be less gay than before. There is a BL CLUB #247 already so let's just concentrate on bishies here, ok?

If you want to help out with the new club design you can leave suggestions here or PM me, ESCAPE. I'm looking for some nice pictures for the club icon, background, banner etc. but I would prefer images from anime/manga series, not fanart.

Club Mascotxhttp://myfigurecollection.net/image/Trishler1343895205.jpeg NSFW

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Update time! and all our items have been unlinked - ohnoes! I was trying to find a way to unlink the manga entries and my attempt failed and I had to unlink all the merch. I'll start to link them back so no worries but I wouldn't mind some help.

However, I've now changed the club members' ranks too. So those who used to be mods are regular members now. But don't worry about this either, I'll change your ranks back when you've contacted me and let me know you wanna continue being a mod. I just want to know you still want to help with the club and agree with the new changes like "this is not a BL club" and "we don't link manga entries to this club anymore" an so on.
As an example, I have nothing against us linking artbooks that have bishounens but as you know there are a million manga volumes with good-looking guys and I don't think it would help anybody if we linked all those books to the club (not to mention the majority of the manga linked this club used to be yaoi). Isn't it enough if we link those series and/or the characters and goods? What I want to say is.. let's not expand this club too much - how does that sound?

and oh, Ginga Bishounen is our temporary club icon - please treat him gently!

As an apology for unlinking our fabulous bishounen merch, here's some pretty Kanba for you~~
the bald ojisans must be sooo jelly there
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SShirokazehace 7 años#1785095who's that dude and from what anime? o.o
Kanba from Mawaru Penguindrum :DD
hace 7 años
who's that dude and from what anime? o.o

hace 7 años
Haha! this club changed a lot since my last visit ^^ Great, great! escape, you made a great job ^^
hace 7 años
Update time! Sorry for neglecting this club for months .___.
Please check the news above.
hace 7 años
Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
haha that's a perfect under construction picture. I'm ready for this change as well and glad it's taking place :)
hace 7 años
This group is gonna be the death of me! I'm gonna have to go through my pictures and find some hot ones :D
hace 8 años
escape_ropehace 8 años#1159889I found them at Tora. Jafar too www.toranoana.j...

those mouse pads! *~*
hace 8 años
Thank you Jofuu, they are great!!!! *//////////////////////////*
hace 8 años
Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
haha wow Jafar XD
hace 8 años
escape_ropehace 8 años#1159889I found them at Tora. Jafar too www.toranoana.j...

gawd! *nosebleed* I have to add them to the db!!
thank you both ^^
hace 8 años
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