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Kono Lolicon Domome! ❗Kono Lolicon Domome! ❗

Kono Lolicon Domome! ❗
Yuuka_KazamiYuuka_Kazamihace 8 añosMisc
Welcome to THE MFC loli (ロリ) appreciation club!
This group is for those who especially love them young (幼い), smooth (すべすべ) and flat (つるぺた).
There will be a few users here who share enthusiasm for loli figures/material; so this group is for you people!
If you dare to join, be prepared to feel embarrassed and get frowned upon. The odd feeling will go away eventually as fetishes/complexes are not uncommon here on MFC.

(c)弟君 (Otoutogimi)
The meme character is Beako (ベア子) (and Backbeard).
Be damned for joining this club. Don't forget to subscribe.

(precaution to not accidentally break a MFC rule)

Being an MFC group, this club is primarily here to discuss loli figures, as that's what this site is for. This doesn't prohibit users from talking about other loli materials; but keep in mind where you are. Detailed talk about doujinshi or eromanga can be discussed via profile comments or PMs. Do not reference explicit/illegal material publicly here. A title should suffice.

Links to any loli entry are fine (I'll probably just update from the loli tag), perhaps just not all items (that'd be 2.5k+ items including figures, hehe). Feel free to post/discuss new figures as they are announced.

(c)とろてい (Torotei)

Some handy shortcuts:
- Linked figures - (best figures?)
- All (tagged) loli figures - by release date
- All (tagged) loli figures - by addition date
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I want in, too!
20 horas antes
Can I join too?
hace 1 día
Redliger I paint GKs
If this club is alive again, please go ahead and send me an invite.
hace 4 días
PatchworkToxin Dat Yandere
Hey, can I join the club? Seen it mentioned a few times now! ^^

Edit: Thanks for letting me join. ^^
hace 4 días
Mind letting me join? Been here for awhile but never knew this group was a thing until now.

Edit: Thanks for the invite!
hace 5 días
Great group! I wish that the links in some of the old posts could be updated, though.
hace 14 días
Well, it's time to impregnate lots of lolis. :D

Thanks for the invitation.
hace 16 días
darkfader (hace 19 días) #31347718
My must-not-forget list with mostly lolis or young girls.

Just what I need, more figures to keep an eye on ;-)
From the figures that I already ordered Yuu ITEM #397108 is the one I am most excited about.
I'm also looking forward to see Kuro as a bunny :) ITEM #676134
hace 18 días
darkfader lolicon
solluxcaptor (hace 19 días) #31347547Which upcoming loli figures are you excited about? I can't wait for ITEM #663900 ! I can't stop looking at her pictures ;;
I honestly would want to wait until there are other companies doing Kanna.
My must-not-forget list with mostly lolis or young girls.
I'm very interested in ITEM #676055 although there's no sculpt yet. Then perhaps ITEM #604435 or ITEM #672755. And probably must get all those Nekopara figures. Already got a Kokuten Tae figure, but probably will get another with other hair color. That Hachiroku is kind of too expensive :/ Perhaps another Sumi... if budget allows it.
hace 19 días
Which upcoming loli figures are you excited about? I can't wait for ITEM #663900 ! I can't stop looking at her pictures ;;
hace 19 días
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