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HuaQiaoHuaQiaohace 8 años
Welcome to Persona 4 club!
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Can't wait for Persona 4: The Golden!
hace 8 años
Love the icon! <3
hace 8 años
Your welcome ^;^
hace 8 años
>ω< Great! I love Persona 4 <3 Instand joinage!

Though I'm not sure if it's a good idea to put the whole plot of the game on the club page... I mean, yeah, the game is dated, and everyone who played has probably seen the ending anyways, but maybe you should put everything in a spoiler tag for the people who are still watching the animation...? Just a suggestion~? :3

Thank you! And man, what a cute new icon you used for the club~ <3 >ω<
hace 8 años