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Otaku00Otaku00hace 9 años
When are we going to get some Monster Musume Nendoroids?
A Real Action Heroes Bayonetta would kick so much ass!!
Who do I have to kills to get some more male characters with nipples!?

There are all kinds of figures we have been wanting, but somehow never got made. And that is what this club is for!

This club is dedicated to one purpose. To gather information on what the MFC community is wanting companies to make for their collections.

We will do this be researching comments on item pages, making polls and forums where specific types of figures can be discussed and voted on, and then take all the data we find and submit it to companies.

I hope you all will join us in this endeavor. Please remember to submit requests to companies directly on their websites and social media pages along with telling us what you want. That is their primary method of determining what products to produce.

Also feel free to mention figures, companies and franchises not of Japanese origin if you wish. This club's activities are not limited to Japanese franchises and companies. :3
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A Senran Kagura article has. We. Posted. Choose what characters other than Yumi should get some figures.

BLOG #44878
Hace 7 meses
Been a while since there has been activity here. But a lot of what people have been asking for during the last bits of activity have come to pass. I've made a new article about an Idea I had for a new Nendoroid product. Nendoroid More: History.

BLOG #43604
hace 1 año
Time for the finale of the video game Nendoroid voting. This poll has the most voted options from the last two polls. Time to see which game has the most demand for the Nendoroid treatment.

BLOG #41416
hace 1 año
The next poll is up. Vote for what Japanese game you want to get the Nendoroid treatment.

BLOG #41397
hace 1 año
Hey, everyone. Things have gone dark for a bit, so let's turn the light back on with another poll. We'll be focusing on Nendoroids for a bit with the next few polls. This one focuses on Western games that should be added to the Nendoroid line. Japanese games will be posted tomorrow.

BLOG #41389
hace 1 año
Hello everyone been a while since I posted here XD

Anyway GSC has a nendoroid of Beatrice and would really want to see a scale for her. How could I contact GSC in a way that would make them consider it, do I even have a chance if I ask them?
hace 2 años
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Hey guys, some exciting news! A long time favorite and a personal grail of mine is getting re-released! Love is War Miku! ITEM #27602 Her aftermarket prices have been insane (like $600 insane) so I'm super excited for this! And this really goes to show ANY figure can get re-released. Never give up hope!
hace 2 años
The next poll is up! This is a follow=up on the last poll regarding series with few or no figures.
BLOG #35098
hace 2 años
Time for another poll. This one focuses on series with few or no figures or other forms of merchandise.
BLOG #35010
hace 2 años
ChocolateSpiderhace 2 años#27190916Sounds like a good idea. I'll get that poll up tomorrow. :D

Quite happy that you think it's a good idea :) If you want some more anime titles to put in the poll I'd be happy to help. A suggestion I have for that poll are separate entries for Nendoroids and scales and figma's so that we can have a more detailed look of what people want.

"small" list I have so far (please feel free to add more or subtract some for the poll) - I didn't take prize figures that may exist into account
Ancient magus bride
Black clover
Juuni taisen
Violet evergarden
Aho girl
Isekai shoukudou
Hero academia (has 2 nendo’s and a figma, but for it’s popularity it’s not a lot, not sure if it counts or not)
Renai boukun
Kobayashi maid dragon
Shinjoku Rakugo
Assasination classroom
Jitsu wa watashi wa
Yamada kun to 7 nin-majo
Ore monogatari
Death parade
Maria the virgin witch
Nanatsu no taizai
Chaika the coffin princess
Shaman King
hace 2 años