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It can be said that this is a final ultimatum from God to the people who can fight.

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CynextaHace 11 meses#92421566I’m currently looking for Item#156800 . Would anyone know where I can find this? Thanks! :)

An alternative, item#381646, just popped up on Yahoo Japan Auctions if you are interested.
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DanielT_777hace 1 año#76106577Is the steins gate visual novel worth playing? Do the other routes add much to the experience?


Yes absolutely! The VN has approximately 3 times the amount of content vs the anime, almost every scene is expanded to give much more detail and emotion, and you get to see Okabe's internal monologue which gives a lot more insight to his personality.

To give a few examples, the scene where Okabe and Kurisu go to the shrine to get the IBN5100 has extra bits of extremely funny and entertaining banter between Okabe and Kurisu XD


Also, the scene right after Okabe deletes the very first d-mail from SERN's server, was butchered to shreds in the anime version. In the VN version you can REALLY feel his pain and heartbreak (makes me cry every time I watch it), it is on a whole different level compared to the anime version! I don't know why they toned it down so much in the anime version given how emotional that scene is meant to be for both Okabe and the audience.

Also the scene where Okabe is getting ready to leave Kurisu after completing Operation Skuld, that scene was very short in the anime, but in the VN you get to see how much he truly cares for her, even stroking her hair gently apologizing for the pain the tasering caused. The voice acting in that scene is completely insane!

And one of the shortest but biggest omissions: at the end of the ND-mail (from 2025 Okabe), anime Okabe2025 says: "Good luck. El Psy Kongroo.", pretty cool as it stands, but guess what the VN version says: "Good luck, YOU MAD SCIENTIST. El Psy Kongroo.", twice as badass right? XD

I think I ranted too much already lol, but basically, if you love the anime, the VN may very well increase your emotional investment and enjoyment even further, and I highly recommend giving it a go!
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I’m currently looking for Item#156800 . Would anyone know where I can find this? Thanks! :)
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Is the steins gate visual novel worth playing? Do the other routes add much to the experience?
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Steins;Gate 0 preorders are open!

www.amiami.com/... (PS4)
www.amiami.com/... (PS Vita)
www.amiami.com/... (PS3)
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Finished a re-watch of the Anime yesterday. Loved it of course! Thought I'd go back and watch it in English dub and as far as dubs go it's by far one of the best I've ever heard! They really nailed Okabes character perfectly! Also picked up the game so will be 'diverging' into that soon! ;)
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I recently won a EU PSN PS Vita download code for Steins;Gate from RiceDigital but was wondering if anyone might be keen to swap a physical copy of the game for my code. It would just make it easier for me to play without having to switch memory cards.
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I just hope that someone makes a decent Okarin figure...
Or maybe some Maho merchandising, dunno www
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I hope this will bring us some more quality merchandise (aka figures). Also: yay
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Steins;Gate Zero confirmed for Visual Novel and anime!

It's a canon material. This is based on the Epigraph trilogy, but it's not really a "sequel" to the true ending... It's related to the beta worldline :0
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