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LunarjasminLunarjasminhace 10 años
Beautiful girls in beautiful wedding dresses =3

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Joined hoping that one day I'll marry my girlfriend too with both of us in the white wedding dress sworning our life together, even though it requires us to move to another country -sigh-

So here's my list of the wedding figure and tapetry beauties I've collected! Hopefully y'all will find them cute :3 LIST #123470
hace 1 año
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Joined as well. After my own marriage i felt like joining
hace 5 años
Hello everyone. Just joined.
hace 5 años
I'm a new member of Wedding Beauties club. I hope I will be married with a cute and pretty boy. ^0^
hace 7 años
Bloempje Hunting my grails
You forgot kirino ITEM #166912
hace 7 años
Couldn't resist buying Boa Hancock ina wedding dress she just looks so beautiful.
hace 8 años
hace 9 años
Joining 0 w0)/

because a woman shines the most when she walks the isle in that amazing wedding dress >_<
hace 9 años
Sheryl-BFigures in wedding dresses are so beautiful... <3
Me too, i'm joining to your club!!!! ^^
I agree with you..figures with wedding dresses are really pretty!!
hace 9 años
Figures in wedding dresses are so beautiful... <3
Me too, i'm joining to your club!!!! ^^
hace 9 años
PVC anime figure store.




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