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mikamikahace 12 años
Hot girls with more than adequate firepower is a lethal combination, to your wallet.

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blt9000 nitori kappashiro
holy shit this club is legendary (peep my about me lol)

can't believe i didn't find it sooner
Hace 4 meses
Like to get an invite please
Hace 9 meses
The upcoming and existing girls frontline figures are all pretty good looking.
hace 2 años
I just finished a review relevant to this club BLOG #17385 ! ^^
hace 8 años
An item suggestion for the club's Related Items list, if you accept adding Goods-type items:
ITEM #222781
hace 8 años
LMAO at club description!!!
hace 9 años
Still love that Sanya silhouette :)
hace 9 años
Just got my Yoko figure and have been collecting Strike Witches. Chicks and guns Rock!!!
hace 10 años
Asako Om nom nom
De-JaYhace 10 años#915503Stupid Upotte!! makes me buy stuff.
PICTURE #416491

Anyway, I'm really hoping for Upotte!! figures though it might probably be in vain. I don't think it's that popular in Japan. :(

I think we may see at least some cheap bandai/taito type figures once it is broadcast. Because it was initially streamed it doesn't have much of any popularity, but broadcast should garner some support.
hace 10 años
We'll help you find and get your Waifus from Japan!




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