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Outdoor Photography
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Nature photography is wonderful, and so are figures, so why not combine them?
That's where this club comes in!
Please leave addition requests in the comments or pinned thread! I will try my best to add them all!

So feel free to discuss nature photography, with or without figures, in this club and enjoy the pictures linked!
I encourage you to go outside, possibly travel, and take some pictures, whether they are "good" or not, you'll have that picture and experience forever!
Addition Rules:
- Must be photographed outdoors
- Photoshopped/edited backgrounds are not allowed
- Images that use custom handmade dioramas/sets to appear outdoors are not allowed

Currently looking for mods! If you'd like to be one, PM me! (NayanMori)
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Thanks for adding a bunch of my pics! I have another one :) picture/3527183...
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Klon Solo Rei basta!
Outdoor photo board and not a single pic of the best Kouhai? picture/3599066...
What a shame!

EDIT: Mash is in the club now! Thank you!
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Hi! I love to take photos outside. Especially water photos. When it rain I take photos to get water reflections or in the water :D
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