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TrishlerTrishlerhace 10 años
For those who are addicted to Japanese (and Korean) Role Playing Games.

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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
iceydHace 6 meses#73923416What are some JRPGs that have decent figures available for them?
The Tales of series!
Hace 6 meses
What are some JRPGs that have decent figures available for them?
Hace 6 meses
Hello, found this club today.

At the moment I'm playing Final Fantasy 9. I have a lot of old games I want to play sometime ^^;
I really love the game and I find it strange that very few people talk about this game. Most of the time I hear people talk about FF 7, 8 and X.
hace 6 años
Every one who want him image1.fg-site....
please go to www.big.or.jp/~... and vote for ハセヲ Xthフォーム / .hack//G.U. / 荒川 貴大 / GK position.

1 - go to site
2 - mark haseo product
3 - Press central bottom button. Do not fill the empty string!
4 - enter your nikname and comment in new text form.
5 - send it and that's all.

If you have already voted for another product you need for wait 24 hours and vote for Haseo next day.
hace 7 años
Astearicahace 8 años#910824I've beaten the graces F.
Graphically Vesperia was superior, and I prefer Vesperia's character design more, but Graces F's battle system was much more addictive.
Graces F also had a very good english voices just like Vesperia.

Overall Graces F is heavily recommended if you wish to play a very good J-RPG.

What about the story? I heard it was boring and goofy...I hope it's not true.
hace 7 años
Ugh, not a fan of Ghibli. I actually stay away from anything ghibli
hace 8 años
Gme40hace 8 años#1108367Anyone else think Tokitowa looks kinda bad? Or am I the only one?
Yes but Ni No Kuni looks great ;]
hace 8 años
Anyone else think Tokitowa looks kinda bad? Or am I the only one?
hace 8 años
i played Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 and it wasn't good specially the story ! but if your looking for some kawai girls you can try it although in this category i suggest you atelier series ( rorona , totori or meruru )
hace 8 años
I wished they bring Tales of Xillia in North America!! i wanna know about item/84814_tale...
hace 8 años
PVC anime figure store.




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