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https://64.media.tumblr.com/b0cdb4377ce9b0bcc66e7b1f679a9909/56c208f5c4c50ac0-62/s100x200/a52cfe748e9060b9ac2f70a3cb918bc5bb9e336a.gif "...with a smile and wagging tail"

A white puppy boy born on a cloud in the distant sky.
One day, he flew from the sky where he was found by the older sister, Mocha, of "Cafe Cinnamon",
and decided to live with them. The tail is rolled up like a cinnamon roll, so he was given the name "Cinnamon".
Now he is a signboard dog for the cafe. His special skill is to fly in the sky with his big ears fluttering.
He's quiet, but very friendly and sometimes falls asleep on the lap of a customer.


birthday: march 6th 2001 | hobbies: eating | skills: flying with his long ears

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Cinna is my fave <3 my room is cinna themed haha
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paws ʚ 御園苺華 obsessed ɞ
i'm here for mocha ♡
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