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Short Hair Appreciation
NayanMoriNayanMoriHace 7 meses
A club to appreciate short hair!
Short hair is usually not the first choice when creating a character, but if used right, it can be amazing! If you love characters with short hair as much as we do, then join!
Some "rules":
🍁 Figures with "medium" hair are added, as long as the hair isn't past the shoulders. 🍁
🍁 Characters can be any gender, species, and otherwise! 🍁
🍁 The longest hair shouldn't be any longer than shoulder-length 🍁
🍁 Hair with long strands of hair are added, as long as their hair is overall short 🍁


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Whaaaat girls with short hair are always cuter in my opinion and more feminine
Hace 6 meses