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Bunny Girls Are Awesome!
AnimeCowgirl33AnimeCowgirl33hace 3 años
Hi everyone! If you love collecting bunny girl figures or just love bunny girls in general, this is the club for you! I noticed that there was not a very active club related to bunny girls, so I decided to make one. Hopefully, this club becomes a place where people post the latest news about bunny girls as well as just have fun/make new friends!

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Got my C.C. bunny from a shop for a really good price today, she looks so good in person, and she definitely does not disappoint! :)
11 horas antes
Freeing Pre-Order Announcement:

Mikan from To Love Ru is taking off her fishnets to show off her bare legs and her bum for your pleasure. She is suppose to release January 2021. Yui will follow suit soon.

GSC link: www.goodsmile.i...
MFC link: ITEM #1007528
hace 2 días
Evomohace 4 días#79795169hi to all, may i say coming soon we need to open a bunny cafe??? ;p

I'll be a patron :)
hace 3 días
hi to all, may i say coming soon we need to open a bunny cafe??? ;p
hace 4 días
So many bunnies getting shipped tomorrow. 3 months worth all at once. So much hype.
hace 4 días
Oh, if anyone is looking to buy some bunny girls off MFC, cutiepatootie45 and Tonk4tsu have some for sale.
hace 5 días
Yes, for sure : )

Plus as I promised, I will post pics of my bunny collection soon
Anyone else too is welcome to join in

take123hace 5 días#79738651Yes we are people of culturedarkfire117hace 5 días#79738602300 members strong!
hace 5 días
Sadly no
Not unless she was in a bunny suit

Sirexhace 5 días#79706682Dumb question does shimakaze count as a bunny girl
hace 5 días
take123 Bunny Farm
darkfire117hace 5 días#79738602300 members strong!

Yes we are people of culture
hace 5 días
300 members strong!
hace 5 días