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dansoudansouhace 6 años



A club to appreciate the sweet and adorable rice loving idol of μ's, Hanayo Koizumi!
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Hello! Is anyone here? I want to bring life back to this club because I really love Hanayo!
hace 2 años
I can't seem to link my Hanayo shrine, but here you go. PICTURE #1752702

I have seen a couple photos, but I know more are out there.
hace 4 años
All hail the rice goddess
hace 5 años
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
god bless!! hanayo is best girl and must be protected at all costs ♥
hace 6 años
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I watched the anime and I fell hard for her. I love her. Best girl.
hace 6 años