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Bootleg Finders
This club is dedicated to finding bootlegs and preventing people from buying them. What's a bootleg? Broadly speaking, it refers to any item/media/etc. that is reproduced and sold without licensing or taxation; it is an illegal business! Many places sell bootleg figures and media because they are cheap to reproduce and have a bigger profit turnover. Sellers take advantage of both new and old collectors alike with this business. The goal of this club is to educate and prevent members of My Figure Collection from falling for bootlegs.

If you find products you think are bootlegged, are not properly marked in our database, or aren't linked here please post or let a MOD or ADM know so we can change it.

For an ongoing list of Ebay bootleg sellers please check this thread: club/139/discus...

Some common signs of bootlegs and a bootleg seller:

• Price too good to be true (e.g. $40 USD for a figure that normally retails for $100-$150 USD)
• Shiny, fake plastic looking skin or parts
• Noticeable seams, details seem to be missing, parts may not be molded correctly, eyes look different than original figure
• Lack of a holographic sticker (may or may not be true, some official products lack official stickers as well)
• Jointed figures (Nendoroid, Figmas, Figuarts...) may appear loose or like they're about to fall apart
• Seller lists other known bootleg products or other large amounts of cheap merchandise (jewelry, electronics, etc.)
• Seller's username is a combination of random letters/numbers (e.g. 1327198, xmg50427867-4)
• Listing does not state the company or that the figure is legitimate. They may use phrasing such as "China version, China original, China homegrown product", terms such as "new PVC statue, PVC figure, 100% High Quality Brand New", or nothing at all
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2 horas antes
Hakumu2 horas antes#90574832and what about painted one? Picture of painted gk is tagged bootleg picture?IMO it depends of how much effort you put into making a paint it. I'd put a painted gk into 'Kits&customs' category if you're worked on it. If it's a photo of a gk painted by e2048, I'd use a 'bootlegs' category.
2 horas antes
Nefere2 horas antes#90574795Yup, they're recasts - copies made based on an original kit. and what about painted one? Picture of painted gk is tagged bootleg picture?
2 horas antes
Hakumu2 horas antes#90572870Does e2024 gk and their painted versions concidered as bootlegs?Yup, they're recasts - copies made based on an original kit.
2 horas antes
Does e2024 gk and their painted versions concidered as bootlegs?
2 horas antes
Anyone know where to find authentic Bandai Body Kun & Body Chan figures?
hace 3 días
Tips for spotting a bootleg in case I don't see it anywhere in the database here?
hace 7 días
Hi, I’m new to collecting but I can usually spot a bootleg. I got this Emilia re:zero figure and it looks different from the ones I’ve seen but it has a sticker picture/2591167... PICTURE #2591174
hace 28 días
hi, im new here, I did not know about this community until recently, but how good to have found it

I wanted to ask you, Could you help me find a good comparison of Jason Vorhees original bishoujo vs bootleg ??, i really need to know if my figure is a bootleg, thx a lot for reading
Hace 1 mes
Hey! :) I recently uploaded a few pictures of figures that did not have a bootleg warning, but unfortunately i have bootlegs of them. You could add that here if you want. Take a look at the gallerys of them. There you can see the pictures I made. I also made a few comparative pictures so that you can see it better. (NSFW)

Nefertari Vivi



Here my complete bootleg gallery

My bootlegs

There are still some bootlegs that i have to take pictures of. I will update my gallery the next days until i got pics from all of them.
Hace 1 mes