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Club Bizarre
chobittsuchobittsuhace 6 años
This is a club specifically for pictures or GIF's that are bizarre, weird, strange or just plain WTF.
If you have pics that meet these qualifications you are welcome to join and bring them to the attention here.
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One that would be an excellent addition to the list IMO (it sure cracked me up):
PICTURE #1256028
hace 5 años
Here's a GIF: PICTURE #894394

Woody? :P the user-submitted pics of the Woody Revoltech are hilarious/wtf

PICTURE #940673, PICTURE #1004835, PICTURE #927043 and many more

The titan nendoroid playset too
PICTURE #943231, PICTURE #957949, PICTURE #929169, PICTURE #927042, PICTURE #904479

and PICTURE #933984
hace 6 años
Great idea ! :)
I think you can add these :
- ITEM #46520
- ITEM #46521
- ITEM #41414
- ITEM #120939
- ITEM #56720
- ITEM #21650
- ITEM #148278
hace 6 años
After seeing PICTURE #1027765 I decided to create a club where all kinds of bizarre pictures with figures can find a place. Weird looking GIF's are welcome as well.
hace 6 años