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PrettyChosenOnePrettyChosenOnehace 11 años
KAITO is a Vocaloid DTM (Desktop Music) software created by Crypton Future Media. He utilizes the older Vocaloid engine, the predecessor for Vocaloid2, and his voice is completely computer synthesized thus is less smooth sounding.

The voice was supplied by Naoto Fuga. Although rougher sounding, Kaito and Meiko are able to incorporate much broader voice range than Miku and Rin/Len. He is fit to sing anything from hymns and children's songs to R & B and pop, though the style that he is best used for is singing pop ballads.

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Jitterrohace 7 años#1387545I actually really like his V3 design :o www.crypton.co....
Hello hello you are now not alone--let me join you ~

I'm really in love with his V3 voice banks = u = His new boots make me laugh a bit but his outfit does look really cool now. I wish a lot of his demo songs had full versions. >_>;;;
hace 7 años
I actually really like his V3 design :o www.crypton.co....
hace 7 años
Dead in here T_T
hace 8 años
Hopefully there will be at least one scale figure once Append is out.
hace 9 años
I want figurines of kaito... >_<
hace 9 años
Kaito~ <3

Kaito needs a figma. Oh so bad. I want one. Oh so bad.

(Also why doesn't this club have any entries....? xD;;;)
hace 9 años
Yay Kaito~ I demand a scale figure ><
hace 10 años
Omg omg! OwO I never realized this club already has this many members! I am so proud TwT Kaito needs soooo much more love and deserves many fans!
hace 10 años
hace 10 años
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
Bring us more kaitoooooooo!!!!!!
hace 10 años
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!