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Shinji Ikari Defense Squad
bakamandybakamandyhace 5 añosMisc
Welcome to the Shinji Ikari Defense Squad club page!
We are dedicated to to protection and collection of Shinji Ikari.
Please feel free to join!

If you think Shinji is a pussy/wussy/etc. this is probably not the place for you you better start running.


Talk shit, get hit.


Shinji ain't taken none of yo narrow minded criticism.


...But seriously, look at him... how could you dislike this precious glass-hearted baby?


(✿◡‿◡) Beautiful boy.


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Anokrah (hace 2 años) #6544128snip

Late reply but it's highly likely that it's a modified figure.
hace 2 años
Does anyone know about this figure? The yahoo auctions seller says it supposedly Shinji but I couldn't find any entry on MFC for it:

hace 2 años
Finally, a club for me.
hace 3 años
I've come home qwq
hace 3 años
This is the only club that truly matters
hace 3 años
Thanks for the invite! Shinji must be protected at all costs
hace 4 años
Kawoshin More male figures, plz!
Thanks for the invite! I love me some Shinji-kun! :D
hace 4 años
dokidoki azusa girl
hace 5 años
bakamandy (hace 5 años) #1872112*snip*

This, I know. My comment was just me "whinning" about not being able to have a Koto Shinji.
hace 5 años
Cloudedmind (hace 5 años) #1869648I've come to the conclusion that Koto just hates Shinji. ;_;

Naw, more like... they probably don't want to make anything in risks it won't sell well.

I was talking on here in the comments why there wasn't much Shinji merch around.

Basically, Shinji isn't terribly marketable to a male audience, which is considered the 'main target' of the otaku market and have been the central target for probably as Otaku culture existed.

He could possibly sell well amongst a female market, but the female audience has only started to be recognized as part of the figurine market in the past few years (and companies still are really cautions about it, hence the pretty slow release of male figures). There is also the fact Shinji is not really considered a 'bishonen' in the traditional sense, which is pretty much the trait that makes a male figures successful.

However, Shinji merch usually sells well when paired with Kaworu (for obvious reasons) and Khara has REALLY gone all out with it. There's been a lot of KawoShin related merchandise this year with wedding rings, necklaces, wine, perfume, wall-scrolls, towels, pillows, clear files, etc. that some fanboys are starting to get annoyed of all the pandering.

However, we have seen the release of a couple scaled Shinji figures this year (although they were all prizes..), and if they do well enough, we could possibly see more figures of them like that in the future.

Basically, the market looks at what kind of characters will sell well and they tend to stick to what they know WILL sell well. Making a Shinji figure would be considered a bit of a 'risk'.
hace 5 años
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