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  • Figures at those prices might as well be considered a rip off.
    Shipping prices increase and we have less shipping options too. All my pre-orders are from EU stores, except one from Amazon.jp. All the other Japanese stores have insane shipping costs, Nin Nin games is especially horrible when it comes to shipping the figure.
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    sojaHace 1 mes#110955354I agree with the worse and worse.
    But it is NOT just the ridiculous shipping prices and less shipping options.
    Other issues with figure collecting:

    You and me, we have the exact same problems. (So at least its shared sufferin? :D)

    I don't get figure box design. I really don't. My only recent positive experiance was with Union Creative: Two 1/7 scales in boxes with dimensions as thight as possible without compromising the figures safety from damage.

    Meanwhile several different 1/7 scales hit the "single shipment only" and "caution: high shipping costs" warning on amiami.

    And delays definitly feel like they are getting worse, which goes along with really ridiculous long preorder periods. "Hey its only January, please make a commitment to a figure that won't release till October next year! Ooops, sorry figure gets delayed. See you in 2024."
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    madokaaHace 1 mes#110934820I. Hate. Shipping.
    IT JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE AND WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have a feeling that if I quit this hobby, its gonna be because of how insane the shipping prices are, it just makes everything unenjoyable and something you looked forward to you just end up dreading.

    I agree with the worse and worse.

    But it is NOT just the ridiculous shipping prices and less shipping options.

    Other issues with figure collecting:
    1) figures that were just 3-4 years back in the 10kYen price range now start with 20+k Yen
    the price increase is simply not justified.
    And it IS possible to sell them cheaper. Myethos produces AMAZING quality for 13kYen. So, it is financially possible. Companies are just getting greedy.

    2) I see many companies have worse quality / more quality issues (e.g. GSC was perfect a while ago, now I see more and more paint flaws and issues on their scales and nendos; etc.)

    3) companies don't care about box size...and with this don't care about their customer and what we haev to pay for shipping. They make them overly large although the box could have been much smaller. (recent example: the Nekopara girls by FLARE)

    4) Delays over delays that are absolutely frustrating.

    5) And a minor annoyance that actually gets more annoying over time:
    I am buying more and more chinese figures.
    And MFC doesn't allow them to be listed in the database.
    Heck, half of my collection can not be properly listed here.
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    I also feel absolutely lost with those shipping prices at the moment. I live in Denmark, but all my shippments go to my family in Germany, so I have similar problems. I have chosen surface a lot, but it takes a loooot of time for them to arrive. So I slowed down with ordering at the moment.

    Thankfully BiJ (where I order all my pre-orders) agreed on storing my figures until JapanPost works again. You could ask the seller if storage would be a solution?
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    Terrence Scale Enthusiast
    Wow, the shipping exceeding the price of a figure, and Raiden isn't exactly cheap either. You have my condolences on that. Anything above 10k yen in shipping feels like too much for me for any figure.
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    Netherlands here, I've settled for surface because I refuse to pay more for shipping than the figure was

    And because I live near the place where packages arrive for Europe it only takes about 2 to 2.5 months
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    Hey there! Same for me xD

    Same Figure same shipping rate for Germany. Guess you have to decide if you really want her now. I always pay the DHL prices cause I try to not put any of my Figures on a Ship for almost 3-4 Months.

    Beste Grüße ;)
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    It’s so funny when people alert a starred article like the mods already saw it that’s why it’s starred lol
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    bro why was this alerted wtf

    Anyway, I'm so sorry to hear that you have no alternate shipping methods :'( not being able to surface things must really suck. I know I can't pay those DHL or EMS prices T-T

    I'm scared now. The yen may be dropping, but holy hell is shipping crazy
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    From the UK here and its only DHL or Surface; basically one extreme to the other. Even smaller individual figures I've had to ship via Surface because of DHL.
    Everything in general is getting more expensive so I understand high shipping prices but one does have to ask themselves if DHL is really charging fairly when they quote me 14000JPY for a 11000JPY figure.

    I'm really worried for this Xie Lian scale ITEM #1026400 with its size as I ordered from AmiAmi, I have the Radio Eva Shinji that month too, someone from the UK on here said they were quoted £40 DHL shipping for Kaworu.

    Man do I miss airmail and EMS.
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