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  • Union Creative. I don’t exactly want to see them “fail”, but I would really like to see them improve in quality. I own 4 of their figures, two of them are alright if you disregard the few paint errors, but then I got this figure a few weeks ago: ITEM #740451 and he doesn’t look that good. I paid $115 for him and when I got him he came with paint scuffs, and had a fingerprint on him. Also, he came with ITEM #740453 and I also paid $115 for him. I feel like they should have been less since they’re barely taller than a nendoroid. In my opinion, I feel like Union Creative should improve the quality of the figures and lower their prices, but if they don’t I guess I don’t really care if they fail or not.
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    Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
    I'm so confused as to the complaints about Good Smile's pricing - outside of the pricing on their one Miku scale (which they obviously priced to be funny) their prices are amazing and their figures are amazing.

    I do find their figma's expensive, but I'm not a collector of those to start with an all articulated figures like that seem to be expensive. I know when the SM SH Figuarts were going out those were like $50ish so the $70-75 for what I'm sure is a better product doesn't seem awful.
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    People need to stop throwing money at Funko so they can't afford to buy the crack they're on. Pop figures are ugly hunks of mass produced, poorly painted plastic shit and they make every character that exists, even if it's not a character and ruin them with their bx heads and demon eyes.

    Bring Arts needs to up their quality control or bring down their prices. One or the other.

    Other than that, I'd like companies like GSC and Native (and all the affiliates) to get boycotted for a hot minute because their prices are RIDICULOUS. ESPECIALLY Native. Pink Cat actually tried to sell us a figure with some of the worst seam lines I've seen in a while - and most of the figures Native hosts are barely under $200 for 1/8th.

    I'm all about paying for quality and the paint jobs are getting nicer, but most figures are getting 3D printed now and to charge more for less skill (do not fight me on this, it will be a waste of your time) is ridiculous.
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    I don't want to see anyone fail but I kind of want people to stop throwing money at companies like GSC, Alter and the like because they're basically getting away with financial murder because people won't skip on a few hunks of plastic to give the message that they are getting completely ridiculous with their prices.
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    Fots had had time to get their shit together though. And they refuse to improve quality. So they can go down idgaf
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    Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
    Pulchra/FOTS/anyone owned by FOTS's parent company. They should not be allowed to get away with selling figures that are that bad of quality. :/. And Pulchra because their quality isn't that great. I hate that they are the makers of the only Marie Antoinette (Fate) scale, as I know she could have been made SO much better by other companies. It sucks that they made the only scale, as I sometimes use figures as a cosplay reference, and their Marie has so many differences verses the art that it's hard to do so. That, and the gems aren't transparent on her hat. I mean, REALLY? PRIZE figures do that. :/

    Another company I want to see fail is Alter. Not go under fail, and not hurt their company long term fail. I just want to see ONE figure not be called great and not have everyone defend the damn thing, despite the insane prices they charge. the reason? So they'll stop charging $200+ for every figure and stop driving the other figure companies prices up because they see that Alter gets those prices, so they can, too. I like the one figure I have, but they seem to be cocky in their prices, and need to fail JUST ONCE. I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but but it does get tiring hearing everyone defend their prices BECAUSE ALTER. Maybe they can pick an unpopular series or something, and it won't sell as well. Or maybe they'll charge too much and no one will buy (finally). Something like that.
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    EnricraigalHace 6 meses#75980510Tamashii Nations basically... they suck at so many levels.

    Agree here. Especially after they announced in a much less direct manner that they'd rather shoot themselves in the foot than consider expanding outside the JPN/SE Asian market. Right after having Bluefin put on that big show and push for Kamen Rider fans, too.

    That's on top of the fact that their QC is steadily getting worse and worse against a ballooning cost of investment.
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    FigureGunplaFanHace 6 meses#75967382Can you be a bit specific? like "Bandai Hobby", "Bandai Collectors"?

    Tamashii Nations basically... they suck at so many levels.
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    EnricraigalHace 6 meses#75966310BANDAI

    Can you be a bit specific? like "Bandai Hobby", "Bandai Collectors"?
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    Honestly at this point I wouldn't be surprised if we found out B'Full/FOTS/etc was just a front for something. A lot of online shops won't even sell their stuff, and Solaris has that giant warning in red text on all of their item pages now. And 70% of their product breaks??? Between the profit margin already being so low for figures, and the fact that so many people refuse to buy from them... How is it mathematically possible for them to not only still be in business, but also churning out a ton of new announcements???

    OkenoHace 6 meses#75967108And now they have Bring Arts bringing down the size for 1/12 scale collections and prices are nuts and quality still iffy! I'd love to seem them gone so a different provider can prepare 1/12 scale action figures... Popping back in to say yes, absolutely to this. I love Devola and Popola--I cosplay both Devolas, my NieR ITA is like 80% them, I ordered the hard copy of the new Arrangements album as soon as I was able to, etc... But I still haven't bought ITEM #758985. They're crappy enough quality for expensive enough that even I could put my foot down. (I think I'd like to get them second hand at some point, but I don't even have them on any of my wishlists or anything.)
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