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  • I don't see how your age has anything to do with what you enjoy. If you aren't interested anymore, then you can always go through the them and maybe sell them off. I never use "age" as a reason to stop liking something.
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    Thanks for al the replies. Will go trew them later :) but from what i read already Made my opinion change or better to say my thoughts about it. Age doesn’t matter in my case in Some cases it does though but not the point now. However i quess my taste just changed. I will try to look at it differently now.

    Again thank you all and also for not making rude or making fun of me just to make it to the top comments. Glad to see that.
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    Hey, I'm a bit late but I'd love to give my thoughts into this aswell.
    Like the others are saying, people change as they age and if you liked a figure long ago, and don't enjoy it as much now, thats ok!

    But if you change what you like just because others are telling you that "they are too cute/girly" to even comments such as "figures are a waste of money' or "figures are childish", I wouldn't think that's ok. If Collecting those type of figures is what you like, and you stick with it. Plus, I wouldn't be around such people anymore if they are that disrespectful of my hobby.

    No matter how old you are or even what gender you are, if you enjoy sweet/girly figures like you demonstrated, and that's what makes you happy then don't stop because of others thoughts, because they are not in charge of you or your money. In fact, if you do change what you like because of others, that'll only make guilty or ashamed of owning these, no?

    When you say too young to own certain types of figures, I agree to a certain extent. Sometimes it depends on the maturity of the collector. Sure, I wouldn't buy a 14 year old a incredibly lewd figure, but that's the decisions of others above to know how mature a bit of a younger buyer is. This is how my family raised me knowing about this hobby, luckily they are weebs aswell and actually, my father is a bit Gundam collecter (if those count as figures)

    I hope this helped you, and others..~
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    I don't understand the "suit your age" bit.
    I mean, I might grow sort of tired of a figure, or stop liking it,
    but I'd never connect it to age.
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    By that logic, when you turn 40, all your figures should be completely naked, and when you turn 50, all your figures should be skinless, and by age 60, you should only collect plastic skeletons. ;3

    The kind of people who would judge you for collecting figures won't change their minds based on the clothing and theme. All they will see is an adult playing with dollies. Who wants their respect? Not me.

    It's like that post floating around the internet - "It's not a kid's lunchbox. I bought it, so it's my lunchbox."
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    I got great advice when I initially started collecting: SAVE THE BOX! Lol, but personally if a figure has sentimental value I'll box them up and keep them in storage. I've realized no matter how old you get some figures are just too much to part with. If not, sell her to a new home. I've sold a lot of my older figures. More for space reasons than anything else. There's always someone out that's been scouring sites and boards for someone selling their dream figure.
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    I don’t think my taste in figure style has changed, but the series (and therefore characters) that I enjoy has, to some extent. I used to own some Death Note figures, for example, and I sold them all because I lost interest in the franchise a long time ago. I don’t think I own anything now that I wouldn’t have liked several years ago, though.
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    I think that, with age, your personal taste can change. I advise you to keep figures you don't like enymore, a litlle bi longer. Maybe a year, and maybe you will fall in love with her oance agen. I bought ITEM #52699 Sanada Yukimura figure when I was 13, and I loved her so much and wanted all Hyakka Ryouran girls. But when I was 14 I changed my mind and starting to hate her. I wanted to sell her, as my Black Hanekava ITEM #94455 . It has been a year since than and I a starting to like her agen. Although, now totaly changed my figure astetics. I started to love more serious, darker and figure in dinamic poses. I advise you to wait with selling your figures until you are totaly sure you really don't want them, and buy yourself something that pleases you more.
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    rogue_ghace 1 año#63520164I think you're taking the comment a little too personal, arguments that degenerate into name calling aren't ones born of logic. The politics bit also doesn't really relate, that's what started the argument, clearly.
    This is a silly hobby, with tons of valid criticism, that you will have to accept at some point or lose a lot of friends and family. Left, Right, Centrist, Black, White, Asian, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, none of that matters. We are spending ~150 USD on average for plastic Anime girls and/or dudes. There are worse hobbies, but don't be looking for a legitimate justification to use in an argument. There is none.

    And other people spend a metric ton of money on racing cars in which they will never race in. Which I find quite absurd but I don't judge in any way. Not anymore that I'm older at least.

    There's a sound argument for everything and in this case, it's because it makes you happy.
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    If what you're worried about in part is appearances, I'm not sure the average person outside of the hobby is even going to distinguish a high-quality scale from a mature series from a lower-quality prize figure from a young boy's shounen action anime. It's pretty much all just plastic cartoon characters, a lot of people will see it as immature regardless and think it's silly to spend such large amounts of money on this stuff. So if your perspective of a "childish" figure comes from how other people will judge because it's a young girl in pastel colors, ultimately I don't think that matters much. It wouldn't make sense to keep anime figures based on acceptability to others, aside from maybe loved ones who live with you. But if your feelings come from growing out of a certain series or aesthetic, that's normal.
    Or maybe you're projecting because the anime and character themselves are a bit childish and you want to have characters from more mature series on your shelf as your collection grows, that's also understandable.
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