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  • I've gotten used to paying $250 for standard 1/7 scales now, but I miss the times when preorder prices weren't so high and almost always "limited exclusive" ugh
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    marriafn ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧
    IsaloidHace 10 meses#98566051Same article was posted a few days ago: BLOG #49860 sounds like I’m not the only person with this issue in my mind lmao
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    In general not really bothered because at the end of the day it's a luxury item, not something essential that will affect the quality of your life or hinder something important. Sure it's quite frustrating to see figure prices creep up every year but that's just how business or the market works. Market/business gonna do, what it's gonna do. There are lot of variables behind the scenes, like inflation, increasing factory cost, increase in worker wages, increase in material cost, logistics, etc. so it's not worth the trouble thinking about it. I'll just need to be selective or disciplined enough to select figures I'll get if this upward trend continues. If it comes to the point that I'm priced out, well I'll just say "F***, that sucks. It's a good run I guess", and move on and find another hobby or whatever is trendy that time or maybe travel more instead, which I would say is more exciting.
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    I started almost a year ago so these crazy inflated prices are all I've known so far as well as the increased shipping prices via covid. It doesn't bother me for the most part unless it's a figure I know damn well doesn't deserve the price point they are asking. There's only been a few cases like that and I've made sure not to support those kinds of prices by not getting the figures despite my initial interest in them. Sounds like you guys had it easy back in the "golden days" so to speak, can only imagine how the struggle feels coming from that to the current prices we have now. Feelsbadman :(
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    "but I always feel like it’s because how companies have accepted the fact, that no matter the price, we’ll always eat it up"

    Yes, and not just companies either. It doesn't take a big brain to figure out that new good content is far and few in between (especially if you're EU based) and people still need their 'fix'; if a human body is compared to a machinal mechanism then appeasing one's emotional desires (the soul) is like the oil to keep the gears grinding smoothly within. Hence the rise of price gougers as well which is super easy to do when nearly everything is done online nowadays also. Hence the new EU overseas extra costs as well, it's all related but with the same aim to bleed you and your wallet dry.

    Money flows in continuously in most cases; emotional balance is ever-wavering. You do the math what'll have more value in a declining entertainment future.
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    Yup good times gone by are those days with simple bases and affordable quality. I started in 2016 and quality sub 100 figures were still scarce. Fortunately got most of everything before this year and just some pre-order here and there are left.
    Question is how much collecting community has grown for prices to increase so much. It seems only affordable companies are chinese ones with reduced licensing fees.
    Due to expenses, I have been finding myself switching brands. I went from native to skytube and daiki for example. Kadokawa, Fnex and Alter I also try stay away ever since great price increase.
    It is mindful how college age people afford to be in terms with current goods? Sure you can get cheap of obscure seasonal char or get something inferior. But when will lot throw in the towels? Pvc figures do not equal resin statues in quality but what will happen when prices approach that point? Would it just be worth it to bite and get a statue... well it is happening now with freeing 1/4. They were affordable alternative to standard 1/7 even last year; but, ofc as ppl jump the ship, vast lot is approaching 30k... and they became lot more unpredictable with bare leg bunnies and nonsense tho I rate them a little higher for not putting out a exact same things.
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    My thoughts - it sucks - need I say more!
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    I agree with everything you’ve said.

    I started collecting back in early 2019 and figures weren’t AS expensive as they are now but it still wasn’t the best. Seeing figures of characters just standing there, sell for $200 is insane and I will never understand it.

    These companies are 100% not lowering the price because like you said, they know many of us will continue to purchase despite the high price tag.

    Great article bestie! ^-^
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    Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
    Yeah I’m gonna flat out say no on price increases. I mean, why would anyone want that? I’ve seen a lot of people say they don’t mind it or even don’t care but I personally can’t understand that. I mean, why would you want to pay more? Expecting it to be higher is one thing (especially if it makes sense) but when people just don’t care that they suddenly have to pay another hundred bucks it kinda scares me :l

    I’ve collected for longer than I’ve been on this site and I can remember when scales were around $100 (which feels like forever ago). Having it now be over twice that amount has also made me wonder how much figure companies are gonna keep pushing it. I remember paying $300 for ITEM #781006 which I thought was the most outrageous price for a figure. That wasn’t even that long ago and now normal 1/7 scales (with nothing special about them) are releasing at the same price. I’m honestly beyond upset and baffled with what’s happening right now with prices. Quality doesn’t seem to be getting that much better for a lot of figures (in most cases the quality is already excellent), they’re just jacked up another $100 and it’s quite scary.
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    Same article was posted a few days ago: BLOG #49860
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