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  • Most expensive figure I own: Custom made anime figure for my husbando (from an obscure Korean mobile game called Soccer Spirits) - $1000 USD :)

    Most expensive figure after that would be Alter Yoko (ITEM #4329). I paid about $350 for her which in retrospect was a bit higher than I should have paid - but she was one of my first figures and a beautiful depiction of one of my favorite anime characters so I don't mind :)

    I don't currently own since it's not released yet but also Oniri Creation's Death Note figure (ITEM #569393) cost a hefty ~$800.
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    It's not an anime figure but here's the link:
    I spent $410 for him on eBay. But my most expensive piece will be $1,000. ITEM #620232 when he comes out next year. Theres no price I won't pay for my clown prince of crime (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

    I love how well certain pieces portray his character, the little details they add to each piece, I can't get enough.
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    My most expensive is ITEM #331692. $201 with shipping. Because they don't make enough Nagato anymore.
    hace 2 años
    my recent impulsive buy ITEM #464649

    Definitely not regret it but i really don't know her and never watched THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls before.

    I think this is how real beauty works ? it breaks your rationale,lol
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    Pinokkiohace 2 años#31314877ITEM #516080 This statue reminds me the struggle people have in there daily lives, and what will happen if you lose control off it. He cost $999 USD (shipping and customs not included).

    I struggled and couldn't justify it. I'm not sure if that's winning or losing XD

    I did buy this one though ITEM #231345, which also contributes to why I didn't get the Berserker ^_^;; Was $682 and the most I've paid for a figure.
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    hace 2 años
    nagi2525nagisahace 2 años#31314865He isn't horrendously expensive like a lot of people's figures posted on this thread, but it's definitely this one for me: ITEM #166923
    Got him for 250 CAD aftermarket including shipping, about a year and half after his release.

    Ahh the jealousy *___* He's one of my uttermost grails <3 He's worth it!! Congrats on having him ^_^
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    Not expensive compared to most stuff in this thread but I paid ~$140AUD for this ITEM #549380 before I knew what I was doing when it came to buying figures :o
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    If we are only talking about figures, I bought ITEM #464649 for 27.8k yen shipped and it was worth every cent. A few others that I've got, including ITEM #175846 and ITEM #117498 (both for ~$250ish), ITEM #287689 (~$230), and ITEM #276879 ($220) have all passed the $200 line. I don't regret buying any of them. If I wasn't such a patient person I'd have shot for ITEM #61394 for $350 a few months ago but now there may be a re-release I think I'll just wait and see :)
    I don't know if anyone is into collecting art replica (also called Prima Graphi) here. I only have a small collection because I tend to buy these myself during the Comiket rather than buying from 3rd-parties at inflated prices. So I bought the C92 Yuigahama Yui (first illustration in www.shogakukan.... , she is my grail) and the C93 ImouSaii (first illustration in www.shogakukan.... ) both at exactly 25k yen. Well once the event is over you can't find such a price anywhere else ;)
    hace 2 años
    Pinokkio Want to be free!
    ITEM #516080 This statue reminds me the struggle people have in there daily lives, and what will happen if you lose control off it. He cost $999 USD (shipping and customs not included).
    hace 2 años
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