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  • Probably the most expensive figure I have at the moment is ITEM #396841 (she was $225), but will soon be outdone by this lovely lady when she is released ITEM #604759 (she is $259).
    I mainly got Sakura because I grew up watching her and everything about the figure was beautiful as well as did her justice. For Hiiragi, I loved how beautiful she is and love bunny girls.
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    Stacycmchace 2 años#31315757Since there is no link to the custom item...I feel like you need to give us a pic!!!!! :D
    Funny you should ask - I JUST posted a journal entry about commissioning him! I feel like it's a bit rude to link to it on someone else's entry, but you can find it on my profile or the recently submitted articles :)
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    ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
    ITEM #368655 for retail price. With postage and the awful Australian dollar at the time who am I kidding it's still bad she ended up costing quite a bit (I can't remember exactly how much, maybe around $750?) 100% worth it though.
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    Stacycmchace 2 años#31315773Man both of these Berserk figures you guys posted are f'ing awesome!!!!

    Honestly a lot of the Berserk 1/4 and 1/6 scale figures coming out lately are f’ing awesome. But they’re also f’ing BIG and EXPENSIVE. Hard to find a place for things like that I’ve found!
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    It stands out the most in my collection.
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    maggiehace 2 años#31314930I struggled and couldn't justify it. I'm not sure if that's winning or losing XD
    I did buy this one though ITEM #231345, which also contributes to why I didn't get the Berserker ^_^;; Was $682 and the most I've paid for a figure.

    Man both of these Berserk figures you guys posted are f'ing awesome!!!!
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    freshringohace 2 años#31314962Most expensive figure I own: Custom made anime figure for my husbando (from an obscure Korean mobile game called Soccer Spirits) - $1000 USD :)
    Most expensive figure after that would be Alter Yoko (ITEM #4329). I paid about $350 for her which in retrospect was a bit higher than I should have paid - but she was one of my first figures and a beautiful depiction of one of my favorite anime characters so I don't mind :)
    I don't currently own since it's not released yet but also Oniri Creation's Death Note figure (ITEM #569393) cost a hefty ~$800.

    Since there is no link to the custom item...I feel like you need to give us a pic!!!!! :D
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    shaarii_shirley x Zane Truesdale
    AkibaMelonhace 2 años#31314910Ahh the jealousy *___* He's one of my uttermost grails <3 He's worth it!! Congrats on having him ^_^
    Thank you!! If you haven't gotten your hands on him yet, I hope you will someday!! He's definitely a beauty deserving of his own shelf in a detolf. I tossed and crammed all my other figures into the other shelves just to have him displayed alone, hehehe... I wouldn't say tossed, though... That's horrible! XDD
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    Most expensive is the Hot Toys Winter Soldier from their Civil War line. He was like $220 I believe, but Bucky is my life and soul, so I couldn't pass him up.

    Second is ITEM #346973. He was $130 and one of my most impulsive buys ever. I was only in the store for maybe five minutes before I caved and bought him lmao
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    It's gotta be ITEM #18627, I paid $401 for the item after shipping and handling. I still feel that that I got a deal somehow... I'd been saving for months when I finally got it though, so it didn't hurt too bad.
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