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Not fair. All those Robins are gorgeous but I chose POP Sailing Again. I contemplated her today once again and I saw that she is terrificly splendid. I like most of her figures, maybe because I am a very fan of the character and don't see many defects on her figures.

I didn't choose the last option but I suggest these two figures. They are both cheap and well done:

ITEM #110264
ITEM #76512
hace 10 años

However, the ones that i've been dying to own is the NEO version and the MILD version (sitting one)

Idk why you made this post but Robin is my top fav character so i thank you for putting this pic up *steals pic* ;3
hace 10 años
my favorite is the Film Z version. the cowgirl hat and the fact that she's wearing an open top and proudly displaying a frilly pink bra is just delightful
hace 10 años
I like Robin Z and Robin Strong World but my vote is for Banpresto Robin coz it's the only figure of her I really wanted and bought :D She is really great though much smaller and of lower quality than POPs. So I'm glad to see her as the only prize on the list among the scaled PVCs :)
hace 10 años
Impossible. All Robins are the best Robins.
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