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Hello again!

In the previous post BLOG #7562 I talked about how I ordered from HobbyHeart (Dakimakura and bed sheet online shop) and it took a while for them to ship out my order, well it turns out that I overreacted and it was a false alarm, because the items there are made to order and it takes about one week for them to ship your item to you.

I ordered 2 dakimakura covers (40$ each) and choose registred airmail (5$) other options are EMS (25$) or free. So total was 85$

Shipped on 15th April while the order was made on 5th and it arrived here on 30th April. Pretty fast i would say I was prepared to wait a month or so.

They also undervalue the package so you don't have to pay customs fee.

oooh fancy :P

Here is the packaging

Here are some photos (sorry about the bad lighting)

I choose the peach skin material, and I am impressed that it is such a good quality, it is very smooth, shiny and just feels good! I am happy with my choice :) though the 2 way tricot or the other materials should be better because so many praise them, I just dont have anything to compare them to.

Here is the zipper, It is pretty good in my opinion, small and well hidden and works well too.

The place where you put in the pillow/filling

The printing quality is super good lol, it is so clear! It is just perfect!! I might be overreacting but it is really good, also I have nothing to compare this to but I cant imagine the printing could get any better than this hehe

But the main question is what do I do with the covers now, do I buy the filling, hang on wall... hmmm :D

I can totally recommend HobbyHeart to anyone who isnt able to buy the originals, yes this is a bootleg shop from Hong Kong but a damn good one! So if you are thinking of getting a dakimakura, hobbyheart is a good testing place :)


But remember if you like the work of some artist, dont buy bootleg products, support them by buying an original when it is possible, thanks!

I hope that this article was interesting and helpful! Thanks for reading!
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Hot as hell! I certainly do want that! They got Saeko Busujima in this and I had a plentiful collection of her from www.animedakima.... I think I overheated when I click the spoiler button. LOL
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Keripo 「ケリポ」
sarunamirabuhace 7 años#1486799Hence why I put promotion in quotation marks lol P: Someone else previously posted a review of this company but the Mods took it down from being public to private saying "Please do not advertise bootleg stores here" ^^;
That was me ; P
I posted an article on the two CUSTOM prints I ordered from them (say no to bootlegs!) and reviewed their materials and printing quality. The blog post was marked private later by the mods, but you can see the pictures and an externally hosted version of the blog post here: profiles.php?us...

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Oh wow, they have so many nice ones >.< I love the Tony Taka's...

The way I see it, official daki's are really expensive (I was lucky enough to get an official one for about $30 which was regularly $180), but I don't really consider myself a dakimakura collector. So, it's alright to buy these when the real ones are so expensive and I use them to ahem cuddle with rather than for the art work. Though I do appreciate the artwork.

I'm really tempted to get the Ayase Aragaki, Akaza Akari, and Homura ones...
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Ahh, I cant stop looking at my covers, they are just too good hahaha, every time I get a big smile on my face when I look at them ;P

Hmm, I have an old sewing machine at home, tho I have never used it and dont know how, but I bet that it isnt that hard, so I was thinking maybe going to some textile shop to check whats the price on the "white stuff" that you put in the dakimakura filling, then buy some cloth and sew myself a dakimakura filling/body!

kemandohace 7 años#1487344So... is hobbyHeart legit? or do they sell "custom prints" aka not official product?

Yes, they sell unofficial products.

iTheShirthace 7 años#1487198
Japan has some weird things!!

Haha, that is why its so fun!
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So... is hobbyHeart legit? or do they sell "custom prints" aka not official product?
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Nice review. I find that their covers greatly vary in quality though. I've gotten a few that I really like and I've gotten a few that just look terrible in terms of the design (The skin color, hair, and eyes are usually noticeably different from the originals, and they definitely stand out in a bad way)

I would also recommend if you're wanting a pillow cover to use on a pillow to use the 2-Way Tricot material, and use the ones with the Peach Skin materials to hang. The 2-Way Tricot material is a lot softer so they make better use as a pillow cover. The peach skin on the other hand is good for hanging since it's kinda "stiff" so it's easier to hang.
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Oh yes, thank you for sharing~ >:DDD

I haven't found my dream dakimakura cover just yet but one will happen eventually. And now I have store to look for it at. Thanks!

Japan has some weird things!!
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Do they have any give at all? I got an Ika Musume one off Ebay (probably from the same people, as it looks the same, and was around that price with the same high quality printing) and the one real downside was that it had no give at all. Official cotton ones are somewhat stretchy, which makes it a LOT easier to get on a pillow.
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kaminatorhace 7 años#1486596Hmmm promotion isn't my intention here, I am just sharing my experience and I have written in my review that people should avoid buying bootlegs but support the artist/company witch they like by buying originals. How should i edit my article to keep it public? Should I delete the hobbyheart link?
Hence why I put promotion in quotation marks lol P: Someone else previously posted a review of this company but the Mods took it down from being public to private saying "Please do not advertise bootleg stores here" ^^;
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God now reading this makes me really want one >.< I want an official Sena Kashiwazaki one but the price is so expensive for me so i am seriously considering of buying one of these in the mean time :)
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