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Alice is an excellent figure. She was so popular she even got a variant figure (much to the annoyance of those who wanted a Mirim figure >_>). However which is the superior Alice? Is the loli version truly better than the adult version? And does her “puddle” ruin the figure from the start? I will answer these questions at my leisure during this review.

Double Review, which spits in the face of my former contempt for double reviews go:

Both forms of Alice weapons are 2 differently colored guns with large daggers attached to them.


Both guns look elegant, albeit really dangerous. Each Alice can hold the guns perfectly, allowing for dynamic fighting poses.


Alice’s second weapon is a whip. In order to use this, you simply remove the tail from the Loli version, (the Boost version can’t be posed with a tail) and attach the joint to her whip holster. Both Alices come with the same 3 whip variants). One tail is curly, the second is a bit less curly and the third tail is really long and straight.

I prefer the curly tail as it’s both the shortest and the easiest to pose restraining another figure.

The whips can also be attached to each other to replicate the images of Alice bound by her own whip. Why this happens I’m really not sure, but it certainly produces a perverse scene ^^



However, there’s more! Both Alices also come with 3 sets of panties. One normal, one that has more of a thong like feel, and one that’s well…piss-stained.



Anyway, there’s nothing to argue about when both figures have the exact same accessories! I’m saving the actual “puddle” for later, so let’s just move on.

Alice Accessories: 10 of 10
Alice Boost Accessories: 10 of 10


Loli Alice has 4 faces, while Boost Alice has 3 faces. Most of their faces pretty much somewhat overlap. The faces are as follows:




And loli Alice comes with
An eating…a….donut face

Yeah, I don’t care for the donut eating face, though other than that, both figures have essentially the same faces. Though, I actually think loli Alice’s faces are much better than Boost Alice’s. Loli Alice’s faces yield more emotion even though both figures share the same expressions. No contest, loli Alice is better (I mean even if I don’t care for it, her donut face gives her 4 faces vs Boost Alice’s 3).
Loli Alice faces: 10 of 10
Boost Alice: 9 of 10


I didn’t want Alice when she was first released because I thought the piss puddle was too gross. Yes, I know that in the context of the show/manga/story (I really don’t know and I’m too lazy to find out) it’s not actually urine, but seriously now. You need your imagination to see Revo 004 Nanael as covered in semen/cum, but viewing this figure with her light green puddle as anything other than pee? It’s just not feasible. Alice plays to some fringe piss fetish (granted if that’s your fetish, then more power to ya). Though, as with Revo 009 Catteleya I cracked and bought her.


However, I must admit I’ve grown to love Alice and her piss puddle. Despite its gross nature, I have to admit it’s very fun to make Alice randomly wet herself (apparently, she was never potty-trained ^^). This logic also applies to Boost Alice, but I literally bought her on whim.

As for their M-modes (other than the piss), Boost Alice’s is better for one reason and one reason only. Loli Alice’s outfit is too tight (just like Ymir’s). This is has blacked my Alice’s nipples. Furthermore, switching her outfits is a pain due to the tight nature of both her outfits.


Boost Alice’s M-mode causes me no problems and frankly I think her M-mode looks quite nice. It’s very simple, which is a welcome change following all the complex M-modes this franchise has released. Admittedly, it’s strange for a bigger girl like Boost Alice to wet herself, but hell, I guess some things never change…

Alice Playability: 9 of 10 (because even though her M-mode still works, it’s really hard due to the tight clothes)
Alice Playability: 10 of 10

So loli Alice has the better faces, but Boost Alice has the better M-mode. It seems we have reached an impasse. So which figure is better? Well in my humble opinion, the winner is…


LOLI ALICE! Why? Well, she’s just a lot more expressive than her Boost version. She’s much cuter and honestly, which is more appealing to look at? A fat demon girl or a loli demon girl? I like both these figures, but if I could only choose 1, there’s really no contest.
Alice (regular version) wins


This doesn’t mean Boost Alice isn’t a great figure. Honestly, I didn’t get the chance to play with her that much, which may have biased my judgment. She’s still readily available (while loli Alice is really old). If you want to get a Revo QB and not spend that much or look that hard, Boost Alice is the one for you. Though, if you uncover a loli Revo Alice then count your blessings as she’s the better figure.
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gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Just got around to reading your reviews for the Revo Alices and Melona - awesome job putting both of these together and spot-on commentary! Great pics too. Hope to see another review down the road.
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Between the 2 versions I also like the loli... nice review...
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sofarintimehace 7 años#1459349Oh man, you really did update! That's awesome! Great review!
By the way, I noticed you don't have Siggy's revoltech. Is there a reason for that? I'm only wondering because I'm considering buying it, and it's really cheap.

I'm on the fence about Siggy, it's not that she's bad or anything, but there are a lot of figures that I want a lot more than her :/
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Oh man, you really did update! That's awesome! Great review!

By the way, I noticed you don't have Siggy's revoltech. Is there a reason for that? I'm only wondering because I'm considering buying it, and it's really cheap.
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