A great week ahead! How is your week going to be?A great week ahead! How is your week going to be?Diary

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How is your week going to be MFC?

This is the last week I'll be 38

I'll turn 39 on Friday so another Birthday ahead for me.

Well this week is off to a wonderful start!

We heard back from Facebook and they had made a mistake with booting us from Facebook Marketplace so we're back in Business and I'll probably get back on cleaning a few things out from the attic by the end of the month!

Got to pick up the items that I got from a local seller on ebay at Walmart so that was nice to meet a fellow Junker [someone who loves to go to Yard Sales,Flea Markets,etc] so got that box of items and didn't have to pay any shipping on that so it saved me a good bit of $$$ for doing that!


Feels great to have some more vehicles for the Joe collection and getting these make me Happy MFC, finding that because I'm not sinking my entire budget into a few expensive items can pick up some nice deals like this sometimes love to get vehicles that need a few parts to complete and could use a good cleaning the type of toys that you would typically find tossed in a storage box somewhere for years and years that the owners finally got tired of them taking up space and sell them at a yard sale or something like that or the type of find you would find at a Thrift Store.

Plus got a nice little freebie in the box from that seller of the Red Super Zeo Zord so that's one less Zord I'll have to look for!

Folks this is how collecting started for me when I was kid getting stuff like this at Yard Sales or the Thrift Store where my Mother worked and whenever they got lots of stuff in I could spend time over there helping to go through things and could keep what I wanted and it was a great way to spend the time going through books and toys and the other type of items you would find in a small thrift store.

Went in to Walmart and got one of the Star Wars vehicles I was after and decided to pick up the only Green Ranger I saw there so have pretty much done my one trip I'll have out for local shopping this month due to devoting most of my budget to online shopping.


Scored a few more deals for the Power Rangers collection, been finding lots anywhere from $20-$25 and can snag some deals on smaller items for less than $15!

Picked up:
The Shogun Zords!


Found a nice set that was missing one leg at a decent deal and that had the arms but most of the Shogun Zord sets that are incomplete are always missing the helmet and Sword but that was a good deal for $25 and found the Black Shognun Zord for $15

Found the Power Rangers Red Dragon Thunderzord for $15 and recently found the head for that one so that will be almost complete when it arrives. Working on getting the other Thunderzords been finding those very cheap incomplete so down to needing to get the Helmet for that Megazord and the Helmet for the Shogun Megazord also need to get the Head for the Ninja Megazord.


Been sucked into Power Rangers this month, finding so much of it at excellent deals has made me want to get less of the more expensive Anime figures or the expensive modern figures and just focus on the older 90's items.


Most of what I've ordered recently has been shipped so the next few days will be getting loot and my Stargate figures and the 2 Stargates are in Transit from my friend and should arrive before my Birthday on Friday or on Friday.

Waiting for the Power Rangers Dino Megazord, Zeo Megazord, Pyramdias Carrier Zord and waiting on the Gundam Figures and Model Kit to arrive.

ITEM #10782 and
ITEM #1493305 were both shipped so looking forward to getting those by the end of the week!

Changed my mind on getting the Zaft Ginn this month to pick up the Shogun Zords so will be happier with the Zords than another Mobile Suit I can wait to get next month.

But expecting a nice amount of packages this week and Wednesday may go to the Casino for my Birthday -even though it's on Friday Wednesday is the day of the week to go to the Casino for us so will be nice to get out of the House for a while if I feel like getting out that day.


Can't help but think about Dabo in Quarks Bar whenever I go to the Casino, the Table Games always look interesting but I stick to the Slot Machines so that works out pretty well.

Have used most of this month's collecting budget but crammed a lot into it this month so very happy with how things have turned out and had a great Weekend with my Brother being here so things are moving along smoothly.

Probably have about almost 20 packages coming in over the next week.

Snagged the Thunderzords and went to the attic and found the T-Rex Dino Megazord for the original Megazord and will have to get the other Zords to finish that Megazord next month.

Should be getting the two Manga that were picked up and ITEM #1703117 in tomorrow! Would be great if Pyramidas arrives tomorrow since it's been zipping through FedEx's System and last update showed it less than a day's Travel from Memphis so if that arrives tomorrow I'll be excited!

Gotta make a few trips to the Attic this week to see what else I can pull out and what will be fore the next Trade with my Friend and with as much that is up there I've got plenty for great Trades for a while.

- Getting the Shogun Zords now has me looking into Titanus for next month and to get a Falcon Zord, would love to get more Zords need to be patient plus figure out where I'll put the Zords since they do take up a fair amount of space then fully combined.


I just love huge Mecha and Combining Mecha......


This is a excellent way to start the week.

How is your Week Starting?
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HBD! So far starting ok. Except I had an awkward small talk with my manager today. What music do I listen to? Uhh... many kinds? Though I answered 80's music.

Thursday is my last day to work in the blueberry warehouse. Thank God because I now have Vietnam flashbacks from these past months. Though I am a little nervous to return to apples. But also happy to be back to old times.
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Currently in Japan, and am so hyped to get my first order from suru- so many rare cds and plushies I have been ogling since 2015 in some cases haha :´)-the heat is a killer though ;u;

+happy (early) birthday!
hace 14 días
20 packages?!?!?!? this week I'm going to school so just study and some time to hang out with my friends :') no figures for a while
hace 14 días
MegumiNed ♡ Irl Tamamo + Megu collector
happy early birthday!! my week is going okay!! thank you for askingggg :D
hace 15 días
Happy early birthday! My week is going well too. I'm excited for the new Naruto and Samurai Champloo figures
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