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My Umbreon and Mooncake figure by Wing Studio arrived today and I wanted to do a short review for it since others seemed to enjoy the Flareon review. I was made aware in my article for Flareon that this figure was created using someones art without their permission. I looked at their art and yes the figures in this series for Umbreon, Leafeon,and Flareon were exact matches for their art. The rest of the figures in the series have different designs. I wish they would have given all of them a different design from the original art instead of stealing them.

Onto the review:



The box is simple. I want to know why they put snow on the box? That would make sense for Glaceon, not Umbreon.


The pieces are protected in foam.


There was a small green piece in with the cake and I had no idea what it was for.


I attached the ears and they were very loose and wobbly. Come to find out the small green piece was actually a piece of putty. The figure didn't come with instructions but I assume the putty is to hold the ears in place.


They fit perfectly with the putty. I guess this was cheaper than putting magnets in to hold the ears. The main cake piece attaches to the slice of cake with a magnet.

All put together!





Umbreon is so cute! I love that they used gold paint instead of yellow for Umbreon's markings!



Umbreon and Flareon


I really like this series and I plan to get them all! Leafeon and Glaceon are supposed to be arriving soon and I will be doing reviews for them too!

Here they are on my shelf though I will be rearranging it when the other two arrive.


Thanks for reading!
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I love the concept of this series! I would have loved to order the Leafeon figure but it was sold out everywhere. But I´ll probably preorder the Jolteon figure when it gets announced ♥
hace 6 días
xMerahace 9 días#121813483They Look so cute with the cakes <3 Jolteon is my fav. Eevee, can't wait to see the Review for this one If you really get them all •~•

I have Eevee pre-ordered!
hace 8 días
They're so beautiful! I would collect this series if it wasn't for the controversy. I just wish they'd bought the rights to this artwork instead of stealing form the original artist :(
hace 8 días
Awww he looks darling with that red ribbon! I'm looking forward to the Glaceon review.
hace 8 días
I always love these posts. The Pokemon fandom is ahead of the game when it comes to prepainted doujin figures and these two look gorgeous.
hace 9 días
They Look so cute with the cakes <3 Jolteon is my fav. Eevee, can't wait to see the Review for this one If you really get them all •~•
hace 9 días
thanks for this! I love glaceon so very much, they are my favourite pokemon ever so I will eagerly be awaiting a review of them! <3
hace 9 días
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