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Black ★ Rock Shooter - Nendoroid - 106 (Good Smile Company)Black ★ Rock Shooter - Nendoroid - 106 (Good Smile Company)

drowrangerdrowrangerhace 8 añosReview
Hello, my name is drowranger (although I am more commonly known online as keelerleah) and today I will be reviewing the new nendoroid Black Rock Shooter.


First lets take a look at what's actually in the box.

Besides the figure itself we have two other faces (one complete with a different fringe and cartoony flame), 4 different arms (with hands and one extra hand separately), one bent leg, one pair of sitting legs (with attached shorts), a second sitting coat portion, one optional fringe for the hair (if you don't want to display her with her eye flame), her sword, and finally her gun/cannon.
Include as well, is a special tiled base (with two clear plastic 'lifts/attachments', the instruction sheet, and a region free subtitled DVD of the original 55 min animation.

Packaging: The box is the usual standard for nendoroids, although the main difference between this box and some of the older ones is the change in the flap at the top. Before it was just a standard 'box flap' where you had to be careful otherwise there was a chance of the corners ripping. Now it has been replaced with a dash and a smaller flap that fits into a small cut on the top (think cereal box tops). This new design lessens the possibility of rips but in all honesty it can be rather difficult (for me at least) to get the little flap in the cut. But that's such a minor thing. :)

Back of the Box:


Sculpting/ Painting/ Posing :Moving on to the figure itself. Here are a few more angles and poses.


(Without her removable eye flame)


One thing I just love about this figure is all the amazing poses you can put her in. From sitting on top of her gun to have her jumping up and firing in mid air, all the extra parts allow for a wide variety positions.


And a close up of her main/default face.

Another thing I found rather amusing was that if you replace her sitting legs with the normal straight ones (just the legs and not the ball joint as the one in the shorts seems as if its not removable -I didn't want to pull to hard on them to find out-) she can now sit flat on any flat surface (including the palm of your hand). I don't know why, but I just found it incredibly cute to sit her down on ones hand.


Here is her other optional head and fringe. How cute is she? Personally I can't wait until the Dead Master comes out and then I can have them sitting side by side. ^^

The painting on this figure is quite well done and detailed. From her perfectly detailed little scars to the minor blue shading on her hair, its all done with practiced perfection. Her outfit (coat, top, boots, shorts) are done with a shinny glossy paint which gives this figure a lovey eye catching appearance.

Base: This nendoroid base is quite special (in terms of uniqueness). Unlike most others, which are made of clear plastic, this one features a lovely tiled pattern, along with a cute little painted star on one side. The long clear supports (that actually fit into the figure in the back) are attached at the back of the base hiding most of it from view from the front. An optional black piece can be inserted into a small hole on top of the base that allows her cannon to be attached directly. She can then sit atop the vertical weapon.


Other: This would be the best place to bring up the included DVD. I was extremely thrilled to learn that it came with this, as for someone like me, with dial up, watching movie clips online isn't much of an option. The DVD itself comes in a sealed paper envelope and thankfully is region free and has the options for subtitles (in multiple languages). After watching it (for the first time) I highly appreciate the figure more and I look forward to adding more figures to my collection from this exciting animation.

A quick/random shot of her on my shelf by my other figures:

Enjoyment: Over all I am having great fun with this cute little figure. Just making this review provided lots of chances for me to play around with her and try out new poses. Over all she is one of my favourite nendoroids in my collection.

Finally, I will close with a random shot I did when I was more or less just playing around with her (and a few of my other nendos)
Poor little thing, that mean Kaito defeated her, stole her weapon, and is zeroing in on Miku... XD

Well thank you for taking the time to look over my review. I dearly hope there aren't to many spelling issues (since no matter what I do I still suck at it)and I hope my awful photography didn't scare you away. So anyways thanks again for reading!

Thanks again,
-Keelerleah (drowranger)
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Very interesting and fun review..Thumbs Up ^^
hace 8 años
Oh this was a nice review to hear of Blackrock Shooter nendoroid, i also love the room display of figures you own too, Very Cool!
hace 8 años
R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Just wanted to say this is a great review ^_^
hace 8 años
Nice review :)
its nice that the fig has no problems holding the rock cannon ;D
can't wait for mine to arrive
hace 8 años
Very nice review. :)
And don't worry, your photography looks pretty great. xD
I really like the new box flap design a lot better than the previous Nendoroids.
I'm hoping they make the rest of the Nendoroids like that too.
hace 8 años
Good review, love the last pic =)
hace 8 años