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Hi MFC, another quick question today!

Since joining this hobby ~1.5 years ago, I’ve noticed that many people have strong opinions on wether or not they like posable figures.

By posable figure, I mean things like Figmas, Figuarts, BJDs (Ball-Jointed Dolls), and Nendoroid Dolls, as opposed to more “semi-posable” figures like Nendoroids or scales with optional parts.

Personally, I started off loving Figmas back in June of 2021, but have grown more neutral to them over time. Although I don’t intend to sell the three that I own, I doubt I will be adding any more to my collection.

On the contrary, I’ve also grown less fond of scales, only adding a couple to my collection in the past year or so. It’s quite funny, really, I find Figmas too posable, and scales too stiff for the most part.

That leaves me with the perfect “centre point” of figures, if you will. Nendoroids!

I just find them to be the perfect mix of different options and catering to my laziness towards thinking of my own poses-

Anyway, enough about me.

What are your thoughts on posable figures? Do you own any? Would you ever buy any?

Let me know in the comments below!

Also, please keep the discussions civil, this is just supposed to be a fun post!

Thank you for reading!
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What are your thoughts on posable figures?

17%I love them, I own so many!
21%I like them, I own several.
17%They’re alright, I own a few.
11%I own some, but I don’t really like them :(
6%I love them, I want to buy some!
7%I like them, I’ll consider purchasing some.
15%They’re alright, but I don’t want any.
6%I hate them, I would never buy any.
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I consider nendoroids posable tbh. Some of them, especially the action IP ones, are jointed too. I also collect dolls and I very much prefer the ones with joints at the elbows, wrist and knees. Basically, I'm all about articulation! Most of my collection are nendos. And if I get something static, it's gonna be a plushie. Interaction with scales is just too limited for my liking but they are definitely pretty!
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Wires Connecting…
I love scales, prizes and poseable figures!
My collection is more based off of which characters I like so many of their only detailed options are poseable figures, and that’s alright. I display them alongside everything else and they’re fun to take pictures with.
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in terms of posable figures, almost all the posable figures i own are nendoroids. i have a small number of figmas, and a few real action heroes, but most of my posable figures are nendos. i think i would probably own more figmas if they weren't so small? the size of them being as they are kinda drives me off, but there are certain characters i'll buy the figmas of even if i'm not 100% sold on figmas overall. i like real action heroes better in terms of the size and quality (and the fact that the actual fabric clothing covers up their joints), but their high price means i rarely buy them unless they're of a character i REALLY like. i've also thought about collecting BJDs, but i feel like a lot of BJDs have unsettling facial proportions that drive me off. idk what it is. their faces just look creepy.
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I thibk those figures have their market, but im not that market, i dont like the joints
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Nendoroids (and other chibi figures) and posable figures which hide the joints only. Otherwise, I don't like them that much. I have a special hatred for Figmas because they're ugly (so many visible joints) and extremely small and low quality for their ripoff prices. I've bought two of them before, had a terrible experience with them, and will never purchase any again.
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I LOVE figmas, despite how few I own. I LOVE them. plus, I've been getting into ball jointed dolls, but idk if those count as figures? regardless, I am a posable figure enjoyer.

however, I hate nendoroids. I'm not particularly a fan of the chibi style and I just generally have bad luck with them.
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I'm definetly into collecting posable figures. A large portion of my collection is Dollfie dream, figma, and nendoroids.

With Dollfie the joints don't bother me as much, and there are ways to hide them. With the 1/3 scale, I would much rather have them posable even with fully visable joints. Finding enough room for many of them would be tricky if you can't have some sitting down.

I though the joints on figma would bother me more, but now that I have been collecting them. I feel like the fun and interesting poses more then make up for it.
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BenUsefulhace 1 día#116836668Cool photos! Thanks for sharing, you might have sold me on that Black Panther. Was waiting for the Revoltech one but you make the First Appearance ML look super good

Thank you!

It's a very simple figure yet it looks so good in any pose. A large part of it is just because I love this looks for Black Panther and the base body is decently articulated. My only two wishes are that he could do the splits and that the butterfly joints offered more range. Even without these things, he still poses well and he's pretty afforable. Goes well with my other imports.
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I enjoy posable figures, and I hope that if I have a spot of time in the future I can sit and start to learn stop-motion properly, as I really liked the idea of it when I was a kid.

I don't personally mind the appearance of joints and I think in general that they're fun to have, though I do agree with many that the rising prices make some pretty hard to justify. There are figures that have no joints (seamless, the body is silicone wrapped around a metal skeleton) but those require some upkeep, may crack if you keep them in an extreme pose for too long and for those you're pretty limited to the 1/6th scale, and I've not seen too many people into them anime-figures wise, moreso those into comic-book and live action characters. I think there's a third-party company floating around that made some really nice ones for Final Fantasy, Bleach and Death Note so far, though.

They don't really mesh well alongside scales, but I don't mind, as I usually keep mine posed around as if they're interacting with the environment around them instead of in a designated display area, like this Ace that holds my tablet pen and guards a tin of Pirouline wafers, haha.

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My relationship with super-posable figures is interesting to me, because I have certain biases I'm yet to overcome. I associate 'super-posable' with the action figures I'd get as a kid (I was big into Transformers when I was younger), and as such I always seem to screw up my nose at the prices that Figmas, Figuarts and the like tend to go for (since my mind associates them with children's toys, which didn't even cost half as much). I know these products are way better quality than what I played with as a child, but I haven't managed to budge the bias yet. I'm curious to know if anyone else has this mindset towards them, or if it's just a me thing.

Outside of that, I'm not a big fan of the visible joints (even though they're necessary) and it kind of ruins the look for me (especially when the figure is wearing clothes that are meant to be smooth). That being said, I don't tend to have an issue when the character is wearing armour or is a Mech, since the joints are worked more seamlessly into the design.
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