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figma SP-O1O Aya Kagura Morning Coffee Version
Character: Aya Kagura
Series: se.KIRARA (game PC)
Character Design: Native On-line/Max Factory Project
Sculptor: Masaki Asai
Manufactured: Max Factory
Distributed: Good Smile Company
Size: ~14,0cm
Materials: PVC, ABS
Price: 2800 ienes (~U$28)
Release: March 2010 (Japan) - Re-release: Juny 2010 (Japan)

I confess that when I became interested in this figma, knew nothing about the character and the [se.KIRARA] "series". And also, when figures were presented in 2009, I thought it would buy them, primarily because they were released in an exclusive and second, I did not find anything that was interesting to have them in my collection ... Until I decided to collect all figmas unconditionally.

Aya Kagura is a character that appears in the game for PC [se.KIRARA]. Interestingly, [se.KIRARA] is a project of Max Factory, along with software firms Native, to develop a game of simulations of encounters (ero-ge). Understood the drama? The Max Factory commissioned solely and exclusively only to develop a game for develop figures of the game. The game is simply the Max Factory is the exclusive owner of rights to their characters and disclose it, since it is free and can be downloaded by anyone free of charge.


This version of "morning coffee" is an exclusive version that accompanies the DVD of the game and a manual of the game. When I ordered this figure, although I feel the price a little high to buy, nor suspected that he was accompanied in the game. I thought it was more expensive because it is an exclusive figma. But realize that the original price of it is the same as figmas and therefore can understand that the bonus DVD of the game are really gifts insights. It was even more expensive for shipping and the exclusive here in the West.
The box avoids the patterns of normal figmas series: it has no windows to view the interior. In front of the box are displayed large photos of the figure, but the reverse is shown an illustration of the girls from the game. Company information and data were shown at the bottom of the box and on top shows holographic label of authenticity.


The interior of the box: DVD of the game, instruction booklet and figma box. The booklet is all colored, paper-board, but very simple and brief. The DVD comes in a protective cardboard blank and still sealed in plastic. Not yet installed the game on my PC, so it is still sealed. Figma box is quite simple: in all white, with only the name of the figure on the front. Curiosity: in the yellow box, the age is indicative of over 18 years, but in the case of figma in itself, is as indicative range of over 15 years. That is, the game is only for adults, but the figure can be for teenagers.


Well, off the DVD and booklet, the rest follows the standards of other figmas: protecting traditional plastic and various accessories. As optional: four pairs of extra hands, one hand to hold the cup, cup and saucer, a box of Kleenex, a face with (*o*) expression, besides the traditional exhibitor base.


The figure is even quite simple. Despite being an erotic game character, is not cast-offable how much even spoke. The Max Factory in this regard is very conservative. Has a great sculpture of hair, but it is of rigid material, is quite fragile. The shirt is made of soft material, to allow the joints of the trunk and legs. And she is wearing panties underneath his shirt.


There are not many options for face, and that figure has been cited in lateral gaze. The face is an (*o*) expression extra but can be used to represent she to stretch.


The figure comes with a hole in the back to be attached to the support. As an option, there is an extra hole in the hair, which is hidden by a tuft of hair, so they can be made that other poses perhaps the rigid material hair could prevent.


The accessories are even quite simple: cup and saucer and box of Kleenex.


The figure has good mobility and joints. But despite showing joints between the thorax and abdomen, the trunk does not have much articulation. The hair also does not allow a few poses, for example, the figure to sit. Max Factory would be nice to adopt as the standard material used in hair of Rider for hair of next figmas. Moreover, it seems that the defect of figmas remain the shoulders, which depending on the pose, may seem fallen. Now I'm waiting for the launch of their figmas of five "players", but now all properly dressed and as accessories, objects related to the tastes and abilities of each character.
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Thanks for the comments. I think she very pretty, but I really want to see my Kagura Aya Uniform Version, with the violin and cats.\o/
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I just got mine today and she is wonderful! Your review is spot-on. For some reason Mandarake had an unopened one for 3k and I couldn't pass up on that!
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Hoshi_Akari Honorary D-mailer
Very good review! The box seens to resemble of a eroge instead of a figma. I really want this figma. Maybe I will try buying her though Mandarake.
hace 10 años
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