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AugustusheimlichAugustusheimlichhace 3 días
Hey y'all! SO. I wanted to hear some thoughts on a couple things.

Starting off, I wanted to discuss tapestries, specifically exclusive and aftermarket ones. As I only started shopping for and buying them about a year ago, there's many that have released in years prior that I'd love to own, but are either impossible to get now or are listed for 10,000+ yen on Yahoo Japan Auctions and the like. My question would be this. Have any of you actually dropped this amount of money on one of these? Item #836288 and Item #406588 are the ones I want the most, but the only listings I've seen are both near, or over 100usd. Should I wait and try to find them for better prices, or is this the norm for tapestries and probably the best prices you're going to find? (Also, I'm desperately trying to find Item #1496838, so if anyone knows of a listing or is willing to sell this, or any of the other ones I mentioned, please let me know!!).

Secondly, and totally unrelated I know, but I want to see y'all's favorite Miku Nendoroid! Which one is the best in your opinion? For me, I have completely fallen in love with the design of Item #1503807. I know she doesn't come with many accessories, but she's one of my favorite designs and she translated to nendoroid form so well. I also love Item #1159842, and I'm kinda bummed I missed her pre order:(. Anyway, I'm curious to see y'all's favorites!

Thanks for reading!:)))
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In my experience of trying to find (and successfully purchasing ITEM #1011917) you mayyy have to drop a solid chunk of change to get the exact tapestry you're looking for. The first listing I saw (which was also the only listing at the time) was around $100 USD and I had a coupon for $25 USD off. The shipping was estimated around $20 USD. Sadly the seller cancelled on me and decided to keep it;; I kept checking for more listings to no avail until a little over two weeks ago when I found a listing for 2,580 YEN WOO!!! (Approx. $19.09 USD) but shipping was 4,838 Yen (Approx. $35.87 USD) lol Now, to be fair I could've gotten cheaper shipping, a little over $20ish USD I think? Sooo... under a $20 USD difference for 4 days vs 4 months shipping time.

Anyways TLDR: For Exclusive/Aftermarket Tapestries you might have to pay around 10,000 Yen/$100 USD to get exactly what you want. If you REALLY want it, just grab it at 10,000 Yen imo- Otherwise the waiting game is always an option, but not always fruitful =]

As for the Miku Nendoroids! I can't help but love ITEM #1552742, she's just so pretty... I also really like ITEM #1550691, but prior to these two since they're more recent, ITEM #236166 Senbonzakura Miku is a classic!

Also if you have any questions regarding my experience with the whole tapestry buying process thing lmk, I'm not an expert, but I'd be happy to help!
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I paid about 6500 yen for ITEM #924566
As I had to get her through proxy from yahoo auctions there was also extra charges then add to that shipping then I would say she cost about 10k yen

The tapestry looks great, glad that I was able to get her.

Knowing that Melon books sometimes restocked I have bought a few others that I thought I had missed but at least they were a bit cheaper.
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I'd say this has to be my favourite Miku Nendoroid: ITEM #451821

As for tapestries, there was one instance where I went all in and didn't use my brain too much when making a purchase for one of Nidy-2D-'s tapestries.


As you can see, all these items are won via a lottery system, so these tapestries (prize A) were hard to get and didn't have a retail price. I wanted the 4th one where all 3 of them are on the tapestry and I found it going for 9,999 yen. I just went ham and bought it straight away but maybe if I was patient, I could have gotten it a better price but I haven't seen it listed anywhere else.
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I paid $85 for a NSFW Oda Non B2 tapestry when I first started collecting tapestries. I still think it totally worths it, but I probably wouldn’t buy another tapestry at high aftermarket price. There are just so many good tapestries on Mandarake and Amiami that I want, but I am hesitated to buy them even at their regular prices. Hunting for some rare tapestries and dakimakuras is even more difficult than hunting for figures. Sometimes, I just find some substitutes and call it a day. I am not too insistent in getting one particular tapestry.
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ITEM #1049504 is definitely my favorite Miku nendoroid! I love the gradient & translucency of her hair and the gold accents.

I haven't paid too much for tapestries but I also haven't purchased any aftermarket ones. I would like to, but the shops that sell them use shipping methods I don't want to use too often because they're expensive. So ideally I would get lucky by finding multiple tapestries I'm hunting around the same time and ship them all at the same time in one package.

The most I've paid for a tapestry was a B1 size: www.amiami.com/...
It was about 71 USD including shipping. I love the artist, so definitely a great pick up for me.
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I bought 4 in the past year. Just recently put up 2. Unfortunately, my room is small and the fan on high causes them to constantly hit the wall. Tried using Command Hooks to hold them still but the wind current just lifts them right off the hook. If the hook was a little bit more curved inward, I could get it to stay.
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I definitely get the tapestry hustle. I've been trying to get into buying them but I never know where to look for the ones I like. That said, I'd never go over 70USD for a tapestry. I've purchased some of Yuumeis at that price and they're absolutely gorgeous - definitely worth the price but still not something I'd pay for a "normal" tapestry, if that makes sense.
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I paid about $90 for ITEM #836288 simply because none were on the the JYA or Mandarake for nearly half a year.

Not two months later they started pop up on Mandarake for $50 or so in Yen. Guess it really comes down to how much you want it and if you're willing to be patient enough to wait for a cheaper price. This one was one of my "grails" so to speak so when one finally popped up I immediately snagged it.

GHK Tapestries & Dakimakuras for example tend to stay about retail if not immediately go above after they're released on Melonbooks/Booth. The Dakimakura covers tend to shoot into the $200-$300 range after release as they sell out very quickly.
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It depends, yep yep. I've seen ITEM #478755 sell for well over $100, but I bought mine for $60, and it retailed for $30.

Lots of tapestries end up dropping in price, or sitting at retail, even after release. Some of them go way up due to popularity.

I have been trying to get ITEM #467102 for years and it's never sold below $150. It's also never sat for longer than a few hours because it gets bought so quickly. Also was $30 retail.
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I felt the same about tapestries prices when I searched for special ones of Mikey (Tokyo Revengers).
The prices are very high for many of them sadly.
If it's a grail for you and you are willing to pay the price, you should do it ☆

And, I really adore this one: ITEM #1552742
It's so colourful and lovely ♡
hace 3 días
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