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PhobiasFiguresPhobiasFigureshace 6 días
For me its probably that there's WAY too many rem prize figures. I wish there was a bit more variety when it comes to prize figures, there's so many characters id like to see figures of but can't because taito is busy making hundreds of different rem figures.
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Yourtimehace 6 días#110986987I think we are in a kind of figure bubble and the next years of finance crisis will show it more obvious, whether companies will go bankrupt or figure prices will decline again and many get canceled because they fucking can't get it sold

This 100%, the whole landscape of figure collection (and anime merch in general) has changed a lot in the last 10 years I’ve been collecting (on and off). It’s a reflection of the anime/manga industry as a whole imo, churning out “safe” and repetitive properties as it reaches a wider global audience. 57 “new” gamer isekai anime per season, 425 new noodle stoppers of Rem, Miku nendoroid #807… line go up.
hace 2 días
I don't see the visual appeal in collecting funko pops, they look really unaesthetic in my eyes.

& I have to agree, there are way too many Rem prize figures. As much as I love her, I wish they would put more focus on other characters like the other girls from Re:Zero too, especially Emilia. The figure designs are also mostly not really something unique, it's really just milking the fandom at this point..
hace 2 días
Protocol7 Connecting…
Bebecheesemasterhace 5 días#111011654Super Sonico ichiban kuji campus life version *shudders*
It’s so awkward… T_T
hace 4 días
Leonettaisashace 4 días#111044380I really would like to hear some examples since this is very interesting and I can imagine that some figures that look awesome for the most people, you can point a thing that can't be unseen after that xD

I can, actually! For example, this figure: ITEM #464666
(I just picked one of the top figures, nothing against the series) But this figure has a MASSIVE head compared to the rest of her body, and that's excluding the hair. I think if they made the head a little smaller, It wouldn't stand out as much to me.. Her left wrist to me appears to be bending too far, and would probably hurt? But there's things i like about the figure too, such as the hair shading and the dynamic cloth along with the stone base too.

Whenever I see something that's honestly nit-picky in a figure, I try to see more things that I LIKE about the figure. Or for example, A figure I'd LOVE to have: ITEM #1551945
Now, if you ignore Square's quality issues, My most glaring problem about this figure is the really odd folds at her knee and ankle on the bare leg. Why did they make it have folds?? I know that sometimes she's drawn with a stocking on that leg, but it's bare here? why put fabric folds on a bare leg? My only other problem is her yelling face, which just looks.. odd. Of course, i LOVE the rest of the figure, such as them putting the lace on her ribbons and putting the pattern on her arm guard, the blue underneath her bandages, ect.

Hopefully it doesn't sound like I HATE each figure, but my brain just loves to be nit-picky. If you have a figure you want my opinion on, let me know LOL, I try to point out more manufacturing problems than design ones, but sometimes it's hard to.
hace 4 días
Lunah05hace 6 días#110986649Mine is that I usually have at least1 problem with each figure i see.. It sucks, but my brain always points out things like weirdly-sculpted shoes, head to body ratio, whether the eyes look dead or not, etc. I really would like to hear some examples since this is very interesting and I can imagine that some figures that look awesome for the most people, you can point a thing that can't be unseen after that xD
hace 4 días
Probably not an unpopular opinion but I really hate the lack of appealing male figures and the ones we do get tend to be pretty boring. I love cute girls as much as the next person and I get male collectors are the majority, but I think figure companies underestimate how many female collectors there are and how much we're willing to spend on our husbandos lol.

Also just the lack of variety of characters in general. It doesn't make sense how a character as iconic and beloved as Spike Spiegel rarely gets any figs while whichever waifu of the week gets hundreds that all essentially look the same. Like I love Rei and Asuka but I'm really burnt out on them, just give us some Misato figs already!!
hace 4 días
Dinp0phace 5 días#110993977I hate lewd figures of characters that’s canonically minors like why what’s the reason

You're brave for this lol I got my posting rights on here suspended for saying lolis are gross
hace 5 días
I've got a few

Detolfs look tacky. Book shelves or wall mounted shelves look far better.

90% of Sonico figures look downright creepy to me. The blood red eyes often look souless and empty. Couple that with a light hair color with bangs, and its just unsettling to me.

I've seen others complain about nendos being not worth it or weird. I don't have a problem with them, but I do with figmas. They toe the line between posable and humanoid, but I feel they hit a weird almost uncanny valley feeling. It resembles the character, but all the jointing and porportions of them make it look weird and just, not right. Nendos don't take them selves seriously, and aren't trying to be humanoid, so they can get away with the wierd porportions and posing.

A smaller, cheaper or "less impressive" collection that is organized and well thought out, will look miles better than a larger or rarer one that isnt.

Noodle stoppers make an organized shelf look messy. Or really, whatever is below the stopper. It haning off invades the space of somehting else and just looks weird. Really, I don't think the figure should overhang the edge of a shelf by more than maybe an inch depending on what it is, and never extend below the shelf. If I would have one, it would always go on a riser or something like that.

Maybe not unpopular, but we need more petite/cutsey bunnies, and less big booba/sexualized ones. Not loli levels, but just, normal sizes of breasts. The amount of 1/4s I see with just out of control porportions is to me, insane. When the breast can be measured in inches, its just too big. I would get maybe a couple more ontop of the ones I have/PO'd if there were more cute and sensibly sized bunnies. And not FREEing, since most of those are boring to look at.
hace 5 días
Nendos are bougee funko pops.

When I open a funko all I have to do is place it on the table aaaaaand done.
Nendos.... are a stressful purchase and should not cost $100 under any circumstances. I'd argue that for most even $50 is too much, I'd rather just get a cute mini since I never change the pose anyway.
hace 5 días
Protocol7hace 6 días#110987516I don’t like most Sonico figures which sucks because I think she has potential as a character (figure-wise, in other media I think she’s been done okay) and I think her design in general is pretty cute. Most of the outfits she wears in figures are just unflattering or too gimmicky/cutesy for me. I also don’t like how in a lot of them she has that “uwaaaaa >_<“ expression, a lot of the time she just looks straight-up humiliated and I’d rather see her happy or just chillin’.
Erm… what else.
I kind of like when figures look cheap, but it depends on the context. If I’m ordering from a big company it’s a bit disappointing. But if I buy a garage kit and it has wonky eyes or something, I think that it adds to the charm.

Super Sonico ichiban kuji campus life version *shudders*
hace 5 días
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