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I had been avoiding Miku figures because I knew there where simply too many I would want but I gave in and PO this one ITEM #1356484 and this one ITEM #1326013 and since then I've added about 10 more or so to my wish is. Thus far I've avoided preordering ITEM #1417694, ITEM #1449123 and a few others.

Is there a character/series you avoid because you fear the itch to have them all?

P.S. I have the same issue with Asuka but she gets a pass because of course she does lol
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I have a rule to have one figure of any character if i end up buying a figure, so I spend extra time really thinking about which one I get or wait until theres a release of more. Most cases theres only one figure that I really like of a character anyway.

I dont necessarily follow this rule when it comes to Miku or anything Vocaloid because Ive been into it for so many years--but it definitely applies to Touhou and Black Rock Shooter.
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Hatsune Miku figures is probably the one series I collect but in order to prevent myself from being buried by her (and not killing wallet-kun's soul), I try to be picky about buying figures; she has so much different designs and variations I try to pick the one I really reallllly love.

I guess I try to avoid Miku even though I love her too much
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I've fallen down the Miku AND Azur Lane holes, and both are making my wallet hurt while also skyrocketing my quality of life lmao

I used to collect Super Sonico but sold my collection off a few years ago when I was a dumb teenager, so now I usually avoid buying her figures because if I get one, then there's 30 I'm going to want in my collection. Same with wedding figures; there's a few that I would die for (Yae Sakura specifically) but then I'd start a wedding shelf, and Saber would have to go on it, and Belfast, etc. etc. I'm only going down that rabbit hole if Pecorine and Karyl from Princess Connect get one because I love them too much to pass that up.
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What character or series do I avoid, for fear of wanting to get them all?

The Fate Series!

I've got a few choice figures, but I specifically avoid getting any new ones, because if I start, then I know that I'm going to want one of each. And I don't have enough money to get each of the Rin Tohsakas, the Sabers/Neros (basically the blonde), or really any of the female characters from that series. I may actually want them, but I hold back, for that very reason.

Unless that one figure comes along that I can't resist. (Like this one, for example. ITEM #945893)
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Miku tbh. Spent years resisting the Miku hell hole, cause I felt there was no going back. Unfortunately ballerinas and music boxes are my weakness and I ended up finally giving in and ordering one ITEM #1049502 . Resisting the rest has been harder now that I've ordered that and the new Snow Miku (needed the body).
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tomura shigaraki ♡
A lot of the male-focused series. I'm not a fan of Disney so I skipped TWST and managed to escape the clutches of Enstars with just Ritsu as a favorite...and A3 was too complicated for me to care about. If I got any deeper I might have been stuck LOL.

As for actual series with figures I'm glad I haven't been trapped by the clutches of Miku. I like some vocasongs but I'm mainly a fan of Gumi and Len who don't have nearly as much merch propaganda like Meeks.
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Figure_It_Out ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
The Fate/ grand order… so many cute designs but I really can’t let myself get into a gacha game. A couple stand outs are ITEM #1286314, ITEM #740226, and ITEM #1131742.
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Kurumi44 Simp for the wifus
Azur Lane... There is way too many figures that I would love to get if I fell down that rabbit hole...

I didn't watch the anime and I did play the game a while ago, but won't let myself get back into it.

I already play Princess Connect & Blue Archive and they are slowly starting to get figures >.<

I went down the OC hole last year, can't afford to go down any other big rabbit hole XD

Honorable mentions of my fav Azur Lane figures

ITEM #919629
ITEM #1224603
ITEM #1393844
ITEM #946103
ITEM #899488
ITEM #872689
ITEM #1071932
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I've been down the Vocaloid rabbit hole for over 10 years now...sadly I can't escape Miku now! Be careful, she's a little addictive!

I have been avoiding the entire Fate franchise up to now. Partially because it looks pretty complicated/extensive. But also because I REALLY like Saber's design and have a feeling I'd like her character a lot, too (and others from the series). There are SO many good figures of her that I could go hog wild if I got too attached :)
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