how much are you actually willing to pay ?how much are you actually willing to pay ?Misc

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i feel like talking about money in the figure collecting community is pretty taboo from how much you spent on 1 figure to your whole collection but one thing i think we all have in common is that we all definitely have a cap off price. a number that no matter the figure you will not pay above but i also feel with how the price of figures keep rising and how long you've been in the hobby your sense of whats expensive and what isn't changes very much like 200 for a figure can seem like a lot to some people but to others depending on the figure thats an amazing deal and thats what made me realize i dont really have a cap off amount and ive seen a lot of people go from 200 is a lot when they first start to years later finding 200 as a just price for said specific items

i wanna hear what other people think. when it comes to me depending on the figure if i absolutely need and want the figure im willing to shovel out that money and i have in the past, given my most expensive figure is 3000 and i one day plan to own a 1/1 scale.

so im curious, how long have you been in the collecting hobby and has your view on money in the hobby changed, do you have a cap off or are you like me if you really want it you budget and find a way, has the increasing price for scales changed your limit or how you collect or even if you can see yourself in the future dropping that kind of money on figures you want
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Which figure cost you 3000?
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I would say $450cad (including shipping and import charges), and it would have to be a grail or very rare figure
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It honestly depends so much on the rarity of the item, the size, and how much detail is in the figure. The most I've spent on a figure was 250 dollars about two years ago, and the price that that figure nowadays goes for 350-400. Sometimes it's easier to buy a figure now before the price increases as it ages. I think the most I would spend on a figure is 500 USD, but I can see myself making exceptions to the rule.
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Used to have a rule I can't spend $150 on a figure (my favorite series was the only exception), but since then I've no doubt broken that rule. I try to keep it at least before shipping costs, but that's just me kidding myself haha.

I draw the line at over $350, and that's only because a very special figure I promised myself when it was announced 2 years ago is just under that. And that's only for special occasions, try to be under $200 at most.
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no more than about $430aud per figure and i very rarely want something that's near this limit. the only two i can think of are ITEM #694842 and ITEM #1122126
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i wont go over 250 with any figure i buy. and thats legit like the maximum im willing to go including shipping.
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Here's a take: Volks Dollfie. You'll see what I mean a couple paragraphs down.

My comfortable spending max on PVC figures has been eclipsed by standard asking prices these days, so I almost never buy new. I remember when garage kits were the only things available because PVC figures weren't a thing outside of 80s action toys. Then I also remember when the typical PVC figure was $60 once they became a bit more widespread, and the big ones were $80 each. This price point persisted for a very long while. When I paid $120ish for Chaika when she came out in 2014 ITEM #198020, that felt like a TON because it was a new high in asking price.

Prices for figures have gotten high enough that I tend to prefer to spend just a bit more to buy Volks Dollfie Dream and Super Dollfie instead. It used to be a figure was $60 and a DD was $550. Big price difference. But nowadays a figure is $250 and a DD (vinyl doll, similar kind of material as figures) is just $650. What? The price of the figure went up 317% while the price of a Dollfie Dream went up 18% in the same time period.

Super Dollfie, the resin version that runs about $1000 for SDGirl size, might be more expensive, but it is also very nice art. They have inflated in price pretty similarly to DD, which is to say not that much over the years. And these are all dolls that are hand cast and hand painted exclusively in Japan, with its higher labor costs and all.

I guess for me it's not about the money directly, because here I am saying I'd rather spend $650 than $250. But rather it's about the perceived value per dollar spent. A figure today might look a bit nicer than one from 15 years ago, but it brings the same fixed amount of happiness having it on display. I'd expect prices to rise in concert with general inflation in order to give the same amount of happiness per percent-dollar spent.

The cumulative inflation (US) from 2009 to 2021 is about 27%. Thus PVC figures have way exceeded inflation (317%), whilst Dollfies have actually gotten cheaper relative to inflation (18% price up vs 27% inflation). When I think about that, it makes sense that I've found myself gravitating slowly more over towards the Volks dolls hobby over the years.
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Thanks for the interesting thread!

I think my cap is $300 before shipping. Unless I absolutely love the character and HAVE TO HAVE IT, I find myself with doubts if I should buy it or not. I try to listen to my doubts haha ^^;

For my scales, I’ve been getting them for around $200 at most lately. It seems like a pretty normal price tag these days..

However, I have priorities outside of hobby life so I try to be reasonable (even though I want some figure or item of all my favorite characters…) So I gave myself a rule: to sell other hobby items, that I’m not as attached to any longer, to pay for my new figures I want. That’s the only way I can keep myself in check lol.
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It's always on a case by case basis - how much I love a character/series, and the availability of other figures of the character on the market matter more to me than setting a fixed price range.

If I truly want it, I will pay the aftermarket price for it as long as I'm able. There are several items on my wish list that are high on the aftermarket, like ITEM #409374, as one example. But I want them enough.

ITEM #286360 is one I paid considerably higher for, and was still happy with the price I paid, given how rare he is and how high he's gone for. He's my favorite character in one of my favorite series. No regrets.

There are series and characters I may not be quite as passionate about that I may choose to pass on a figure that's going high on the aftermarket, and/or look for other options for that character.

For Nendoroids, the most I've paid is $150 and I did it twice. Both times were for favorite characters from a favorite series, and while I didn't like paying that high for a Nendo, I don't regret getting them, either. I probably wouldn't go that high if it wasn't a favorite character or from a favorite series.
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my max is around $150. i know that's pretty low however 1. i'm jobless 2. i'm in severe debt caused by shopping addiction so i really shouldn't even have this hobby in the first place lol 3. i have severe adhd and tend to switch interests quickly
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