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First, this is an Article I intended to put on MFC in July so... Yeah, I'm really really late for this. >_<'
I did post all the pictures but never had the time to write it down... Honto ni Gomen ! u_u'

I'm also sorry for the bad quality of some picts, the lightning conditions combine with the glass reflections did give a hard time to my poor camera. But I hope you will still enjoy some of those. ^_^

Ok, back to the matter at hand : this article is about Japan Expo / Comic Con' Paris 2012, the biggest event of that kind in Europe ( draining about 200.000 in 4 days, so... ^_^ ).

For those who never heard about it, this is a convention about Japan culture, Manga, Anime, Music, Drama, Comics, Video Games,... Anything Otaku and Geeks can possibly need to survive.

And of course there is a lot of Shops and tons of Figures !...

And an army of Bootlegs seller too... -_-'

This is a real plague for this event since a few years so I have to speak about it. I don’t want the people to fall into those traps anymore : I hate Bootlegs sellers. And before anybody argue the fact that if you know the fig is a bootleg and still want to buy it, that's ok.. True but Bootlegs sellers will never tell you they are selling illegal merchandise... Because that's illegal. So they will present those figs as the real stuff and some people who can't tell the difference will fall into the trap. And when you come home with one of those and find out the fig can't even stand or is bending over after a few weeks or days... There is nothing left but frustration, guilt and sadness... I just hate that. -_-

Got a few examples from past Japan Expo :

- One shop selling a “rare” fig of Yuki Nagato ( ITEM #47260 ). First the seller can't even tell who Nagato is. Then when he finally reaches for the fig in his glass shelf... he did write the price under the base ! O_o ( 65€ / about 85$ ) And when you ask for the box... “I've left it in the truck, sorry.” >_<'

- Ok next shop, you see a ToraDora fig of Taiga ( ITEM #9931 ). This fig was also in a real honest shop, where they only had 3 left, for 65€ ( which was a really good price ). But on this shop they had... 3 ROWS of boxes of that fig ! O_o... And when you ask for price... “Vintcinkyeuro ! Vintcinkyeuro !” ( that's supposed to mean 25€ in very poor French... -_-' ). And people fall for that...

- Last example, one shop with absolutely NO PRICES AT ALL. So when you ask for a price, the vendor will take a look at the fig then he look at you, then back at the fig... And will type in the price on a pocket calculator and show you the result. In a bargain that would be a fair method but...they are doing this for every sells ! For the same Tenshi's fig ( ITEM #54839 ) we did send 3 different people to ask for price and they all came back with a different offer, between 18 and 25€... That's really hard to trust a shop selling stuff with that kind of method... u_u

So my advice is avoiding any Shop that don’t ever know what they are selling, don’t show the prices, have any bending figs on display... And stick to the well known shop, you can find a few of them on the Shop Database of MFC.

But if you want to avoid bootleg for sure, Japan Expo is a place where you can also find real Company's Store ! A few years back those were only Exposition Stands but now they are also selling stuff.

So let's take a stroll and see what we had this year...

First thing : No Kotobukiya Shop in 2012... I don’t know why. They were the first Company to put a real fig shop at Japan Expo about 3 years ago but... this year they were absent. That was sad because they always had good stuff with good price in that Shop. u_u

So let's move on at take a look at our first stop : GSC's Shop !

In 2011 they also had a “shop” but even if they were displaying a lot of stuff( picture/428121&... - picture/428120&... - picture/428119&... - picture/428118&... ), they were only selling one fig. ( I think it was the Gambare Japan Miku Nendo, ITEM #66010 ) A lot of people did complain about the fact that we couldn’t buy any other fig on display even if we badly wanted to. ( I would have bought the whole PMMM Nendo in School Uniform without any second though. ^_^' )

So in 2012 they really did get the Memo ! Their shop was a fest ! ^o^

There was some figs for display only, starting with the Puella gang of course. ^_^


A few Nendo with Kamineko. ( Kuroneko is best for me but this one was still impressive. )

Insane BRS Figma. ( Why “not for sale” ? Whyyyy... TT^TT )

And of course Saber Motored ( I'm not into Fate series but... Wow ! O_O )

For the Saber fans, that was great on the sell side ! Just look at those picts !



Triumphant Excalibur, Alter and Extra for 100€ ! ( about 130$ ) That's a fairly good price if you missed those on pre-order or release day ! And they also had Saber Lily ( ITEM #5769 ) for the same price but they only had 5 and were sold out in a blink, so sorry but no pict for this one. ^_^'

For the rest it was a lot of figma and of course stuff from BRS. ^_^


They also had all the K-On Nendo, the PMMM Nendo Petit Box ( ENCYCLOPEDIA #38600 70€, was sold out pretty quickly. ^_^ ),... Most of it was gone by the end of the convention. So I really hope next year they will put an even bigger shop and I don’t care if my wallet is bleeding to death and crying for mercy !

Then, next stop : Bandai and Banpresto Stand.

Nothing to buy here but a few interesting things on display like the Tenken Bishoujo from Kotobukiya ( don’t ask me what they were doing at the Bandai Stand, I don’t know... ^_^' )





Or this rather nice Yoshimitsu fig...

And if there wasn’t anything for sale, they had many lotteries for Prize : Kyousogiga, PMMM, One Piece.


But to get the Figs you had to win the 1st Prize... 8 to 10€ for one ticket, they sure know how to make money... -_-

They also displayed all the “Nendo Like” Prize from Kyousogiga but, again, nothing on sale... -_-







That was a bit frustrating so... moving on ! ^_^

Next stop is a particular one : “HQS” figures.
They only do (very) Limited figure... Huge scale... And very expensive ! >_<

They had a lot of stuff on display but I just picked a few example of their work, like this Black Star from Soul Eater manga ( not the Anime, sadly for me : I like the Anime character design but not the design in the manga... -_- ).

Maka Alban's fig. ( was a Work In Progress last year. picture/428122&... )

I don’t know what Worlds & Wonder is but... Well the artwork on this one is rather impressive. ^_^


A last one : Ezio from Assassin Creed.

There were plenty of other characters but I just couldn’t look at those prices anymore... ^_^'

Then a short stop by the One Piece Stand, with a huge display gallery.








Another display gallery at the To Aru~ Stand. Only display because the stand was here to celebrate the release of the Serie in DVD and Bluray in France.



I did fight really hard against the lightning condition here, but... >_<'



At least the Petanko are ok... ^_^'


Next, the Lupin the 3rd Stand. ( Fujiko strike again ! ^_^' )






I didn’t find this particular Fujiko in pink dress in the Database. Any idea ?

Last stop, the huge Square Enix Shop, full of... stuff of all dreams, and so much things I did miss because I had no money left... TT^TT

Of course there was a lot of Action figure, like those nice Metal Gear Solid.




And a huge part for Final Fantasy as well... ^_^






I was planning of doing a Figure / Reality comparison with those 2 Serah and Lightning fig and 2 cosplayers I know but since we can only post self cosplay... Well if it's ok for the Admin, I'll do it, but will wait until they say so.


Edit : The Fig-Cosplay Pict I was talking about ( Thx for help, Kumasanmk ! ^_^ )


Last of FF, the gigantic Odin. O_o

Then it's Halo's turn. ^_^




2 Devil May Cry figs.


Now Street Fighter. ( Chun-li's knee look so weird... -_- )




A few Deus Ex and FME.


This one was painful to let go : 4 fig of FMA for only 25€ ! Argll ! No money ! >_<'

And to put an End to my misery, they also had the Chrono Trigger pack for 27€... TT^TT

After that I flied by some figs from different video-game...






Made a small stop at the Mass Effect 3 display...



The Batman figs where good too. ( don’t mess with armored Batman ! ^_^ )


And I did find in the last minute a small pack of FF Summon figs. This stand was so packed with stuff that it was easy to miss a few good things...

And this is the end of our little journey in Japan Expo Paris 2012. I hope you did enjoy the Tour. For my part, next year I'll be sure to rush GSC and Square Enix before I run out of cash. Maybe I'll have a few bucks left to try those damn Prize Lotteries once... ^_^

みな またね ! ^_^
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Thanks for all the comments ! ^_^

Tomorrow I will post the additionnal Fig / Cosplay photo in this article. I just have to put it somewhere on the net before.

For a non-fig article about Japan Expo, I will try to work on it soon... if my job does not kill me first... ^_^'

EDIT : The Fig-Cosplay Pic of FF is here ! You can find it right below Serah and Lightning. ^_^
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Paris is too far away from Marseille, I wish I could go once in my life in Japan Expo...maybe I'll try next year!

(Love Street Fighters Play Arts Kai and Harley Queen...)
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Shizuking ひきこもり
really nice! and awesome photos! :)
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Amazing photos- I love that Blackstar. I tend to avoid buying from cons though as I'm afraid of bootlegs.
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Belle qualité de photo, chapeau !
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ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
It would have been so painful to let those FMA figures go. Great photos though, I wish there were cons like that around here.
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Great con report, I'm always too busy wandering around in cosplay to take many "at-con" pics. I should probably pay more attention to it.
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RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Imanovhace 8 años#1207416If I'm not bothering, would you also post some non-figure pictures, like cosplay and the event itself? I'm really curious :)
I would like to see such photos too, if you have them :)
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Wow, nice! Thanks for all your effort on uploading everything for us~ If I'm not bothering, would you also post some non-figure pictures, like cosplay and the event itself? I'm really curious :)
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Raithos Stagnant
Wow so thorough and detailed!
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