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4Arnd4ArndHace 2 meses
Some updates:

Small FAQ update
- Regarding username changes - see FAQ 71
- Accounts created in duplication and/or to invoke a username change will get removed in accordance with FAQ 90

- Please be aware, in recent days we've had more and persistent activity on the scamming side. Newly created account(s), trying to sell high value items for a quick buck and asking for PayPal Friends & Family or unsecure payment methods, as well as asking users for off-site contacts, such as email or Discord should raise a red flag - if in doubt, rather walk away from that "bargain" or grail you're so much trying to buy. I'm not saying all newly created accounts are trying to scam you, but be vigilant before you part with your hard earned cash.
- There was no need to update the thread for a while - but here it is, you may want to follow (clicking the bell symbol): scam alerts

Shop links
- Not saying this likely, but in the interest of saving members a lot of hassle by the looks of it (shop thread and shop feedback page), please refrain from posting links to this particular shop. - The situation might improve, but don't say we haven't warned you, seeing that there is now the 3rd thread going.

- I like to thank everyone for their continued assistance with the database and constantly updating our database, it is greatly appreciated for the work your putting in, collection of new and old information as well as updating alerted entries.
- On the latter, when solved or an alerted entry was updated, please leave a small message, so that the alert can be closed in a timely manner.
- Volunteers, in appreciation of their work, a couple members were recently updated to VIB status - VIB status can be seen with status listing, but some members don't like to be named, hence I don't mention particular names here.
- We are also looking to recruit more MOD's from the VIB ranks, please send me a PM if you're interested.

Previous update: BLOG #28608 (it's been a while.. -_-;)

NB: Profile status - I've seen this mentioned, it may say on the profile how long someone hasn't been online, this is only the online status, which can be hidden. It does not necessarily mean that person hasn't been visiting the site.
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Jheila Completely helpless
DimmockHace 2 meses#97639146Posting images on sales should be mandatory, if the person uploads the stock images of the figure then it can be reported.

Old(ish) thread but imo I'm so glad pictures aren't mandatory for uploading on the sales page. Idk if I'm just dumb or what, but I have the hardest time uploading images to sales pages. Plus, i like being able to take pictures as needed (like when a buyer is interested) and just sending them through imgur. To upload every picture at since when I'm listing stuff would be a hassle ;-;

When in doubt, you can always ask for pictures through Pm.
Hace 1 mes
i've sold & brought on here & it's all been good
Hace 2 meses
yamtaoHace 2 meses#97649185Are supporters the only ones who are able to change usernames?
Yes. Any feature with the yellow text requires Supporter status.
Hace 2 meses
Are supporters the only ones who are able to change usernames?
Hace 2 meses
It breaks my heart that scammers are in this community too.

I haven't bought much recently, but back in the day I did buy from a few users, one of which I did send paypal family and friends and the transaction went smoothly.

Thank you to the admins and everyone else involved for addressing this issue and trying to keep it under control.
Hace 2 meses
Thank you for looking out for the User community! It’s reassuring to know that the mods are putting in the work to ensure that fair and legitimate sales are being conducted. As a noob here on MFC, this is valuable information for me.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Hace 2 meses
kyoshinhei Unsanctioned figure repairperson
Kudos to you and all the MODs and VIBs for keeping MFC afloat behind the scenes.
People who contribute to pictures and articles are in the spotlight but you're the unsung heroes of this website.

Thanks y'all.
Hace 2 meses
Posting images on sales should be mandatory, if the person uploads the stock images of the figure then it can be reported.
Hace 2 meses
I use discord but I have a history of being an excellent seller. The discord chat is easier than uploading an image on this site and using the clunky limited pm system. My channel has buyer feedback and images of my listing and spreadsheet prices. I also only do paypal goods and services.
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