ever bit the bullet on a ridiculous aftermarket price?ever bit the bullet on a ridiculous aftermarket price?Ask MFC

Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
lyss_lyss_hace 3 días
as the title says, ever bit the bullet on a ridiculous aftermarket price by impulse?

lemme tell you all a little story. im currently trying to built a hypnosis mic detolf, and since the nendoroids i preordered came with the preorder bonus, ive been trying to get the rest with their bonuses for it. sounds like something difficult and expensive to accomplish right? especially when you skipped out of most of the preorders? well lemme tell you about one nendoroid in particular that i bit the bullet on.

there are two nendoroids bonuses i need left, jyutos ITEM #806104 and jakurais ITEM #806105. i thought to go hunt down jyuto first since hes gotten to be the hardest to find compared to jakurai. now heres the thing, his aftermarket price has jacked up alot. literally the most inexpesnive i could find was 11,500 yen ($115) on surugaya. ive been waiting and waiting for months for one that is decently priced, but everytime one pops up, someone had already bought it. so, by impulse, i got the expensive one.

i feel pretty dang stupid doing that, but man i had no choice. it was either i spend the 11,500 yen or i possibly dont ever get the nendoroid with the bonus. as i said before, his bonus has gotten to be really hard to find, so i might as well do it now. they may never be another listing, you never know. not for a very long time atleast. also my dads been telling me to put more expensive items on my credit card, and since i have no preorders i need to pay off this month and i didnt really buy anything, i might as well buy the nendoroid right? i may have to do the same with jakurai someday, thankfully he isnt listed as that expensive usually.

ever experienced this yourself? tell me below
pls i dont wanna feel alone
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The aftermarket is inevitable in this hobby. A lot of nendos surpass $100 post release. Blend S Maika is the only one so far I had to pay somewhat steep aftermarket for. It was new of course. She regularly sells for $100 plus. Used is a bit less. Eventually though I can see myself succumbing to the aftermarket many times over. Supply and demand :/.
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skylinedo BANNED
Never on impulse or else regret may set in and that's no good. Always researched[obsessed] with pricing which educated me on spotting an excellent deal on the fly. Others' rarity sometimes left me no choice:

ITEM #61484 I think I paid 300 bc only plamoya had her in '13

ITEM #15587 I dropped 460 on otakurepublic but was promptly refunded due to lack of stock. I really wanted an authentic one which is quite rare. ended up getting lucky on amiami preowned for 25 bucks

ITEM #505 cost me ~180 b/b condition. Originally 50 + shipping. Glad I got her bc I never saw her on amiami every again. And she goes for 300+ now

ITEM #106881 ITEM #130984 I paid 500-700 each. I was in self-imposed otaku exile from late '09 to may '13 so I obviously missed the pre orders for 33800 each...
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keter Anomalous Precure!
myethos stardust. 375 dollars. im still a bit ashamed that i did that but shes absolutely gorgeous
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The aftermarket prices on the HypMic nendoroid line is rough; I wish you luck in picking up Jakurai for a fairer price. (I was looking for Hifumi for forever and managed to snag his off ami for 7000¥.)

To answer your question tho, I bought Item #441572 for $350 Cad; which was honestly quite a steal since he regularly goes for $500+. I refuse to spend that much on an aftermarket figure again (I just desperately needed him) even tho there are a few overpriced ones that I want so bad. (Item #331626, for instance.)
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My romantic partner ended up spending 90$ or so on ITEM #288946 at a convention, mostly because we felt bad for bothering the woman who worked at the booth all day. It uhhhh wasn't worth it lmao
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Had to spend like 17000 yen on this bastard ITEM #415197

Thunderbolt Fantasy isn't even super popular or anything so the fact he has insane aftermarket prices is beyond me.
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I’m trying so hard to not buy something that’s aftermarket price is almost $600. I want so bad but come on
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togekisshace 1 día#95254854I have not but can you post the thumbnail for the article op I love that picture

here ya go ;)
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I have not but can you post the thumbnail for the article op I love that picture
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I just did.... again. not recommended unless lady luck smiled at you in the stock market.

Already regretting partially, it is 3 times the original price after tax and fx
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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