Tutorial: How to apply real fishnet stockings for Bunny girl GKsTutorial: How to apply real fishnet stockings for Bunny girl GKsTutorial

leonasenshileonasenshihace 2 años
Usa P House has spent the last few years creating bunny girl kits and he's been generous to share his technique on how to apply real fabric stockings to his kits, but since he only shared pictures and some text on the pictures, it's not really easy to follow since you can't translate it, so I was able to make heads and tails and made the tutorial in English :)

Hope it helps anyone that wants to know how to pull it off without sowing :P

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This is pretty cool and informative! Definitely bookmarking this
hace 2 años
Always love your work <3 thank you for continuing to provide the community with more information, we really do appreciate it!
hace 2 años
I've been slowly going through your entire channel after seeing this, haha. I've always wanted to get into garage kits but was super intimidated. Looks like I may be ordering my first one soon, now :o
hace 2 años
Nice vídeo! I'm not even into garage kits but it was surely interesting!
hace 2 años
Using real fabric is a great idea even for scales, some bare leg figures would get spiced up instantly with some fish-nets. ...(Maybe someday I'll be arts-and-crafts-y enough)...
hace 2 años
Great video! I have a new appreciation for bunny girls figures after watching it :)
hace 2 años
Wow, nice!
hace 2 años
That's really cool! I recently got into figure customizing, but I've been working more on pre-painted scales. I wonder if I can get that fishnet technique to work with ITEM #453909, Her knees are bent, so that might complicate things. I'm planning on putting some water slide decals on her legs and sealing them in with top coat. That might complicate things... I'd really like to make some fishnet thigh highs for her though.

I guess I could cut a strip of black cloth to use as a band and fold it over the lip of the fishnets, partway up her thighs, and then glue it. I just don't know what kinds of clear glue work best for getting fabric to stick to top coat on PVC.

Here's my progress so far:
Part 1 (NSFW) BLOG #47177
Part 2 BLOG #47203
hace 2 años
Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
hace 2 años
Asphroxia Nightmare
Even tho I will most likely never end up using this in practice I still enjoyed watching it a lot! good job keep it up :D
hace 2 años

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