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For anyone who's not in the know, Mari "Illustrious" Makinami is the outlandish new character introduced for the Rebuild of Evangelion. She was not in the original series but has quickly gained a legion of fans and a very respectable number of figures in a short time. (A drop in the pool of Rei and Asuka figures, but they've been around since 1994!)

I really like Mari for a variety of reasons (not least of which is that it's about damn time we got an EVA pilot who was a masochist.) I've got two figures of her at present (and I'm sure I'll pick up more at the release of 3.33 You Can (NOT) Redo and inevitable wave of figures.)

So, since I've got both the figma and the revoltech of Mari, the goal here is to see which one is better for you!

Even at first glance you can see there are obvious differences, consistent with usual differences between figma and revoltech. The figma is much slimmer and smaller, and the revoltech is curvier, thicker and overall larger. The proportions of the revoltech are slightly different as well, with a larger head and feet.

Both the figma and the revoltech come with alternate pieces for her ZA BEASTO mode to turn parts of her plug suit green like in the film, but I'll definitely say that I am MUCH happier with how this was done on the revoltech.
I couldn't get a decent picture of it at ALL, but the chest piece is replaced on the revoltech by removing the upper torso and pushing from the outside. On the figma it's pulled out with some difficulty from the front; I've had to use forceps.
The revoltech piece itself is larger and harder to lose; unfortunately, I've lost the figma's red chest piece because it's so incredibly tiny, even smaller than figma Madoka's grief seeds. O _O Also, the revoltech included 2 chest pieces of each color just in case you lose one, which was appreciated.
The revoltech just comes with a cell phone, which although not too interesting is very detailed, but the figma comes with an impressive full size entry plug interior.

You can readily see the differences in sculpt, joint placement and painting here. The figma and revoltech are actually very different colors, with the figma being more of a salmon color and the revoltech an almost metallic bright pink, and the details vary in color too.
http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/moronokimi/15405206/43465/43465_original.jpg http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/moronokimi/15405206/43683/43683_original.jpg
I think the revoltech has a nicer rear end > w<

The hair is done very differently. Whereas the figma has it made out of a soft, flexible plastic, she actually has two heads with the hair pointing forward or backward (as to sit back in the entry plug the hair has to be in front.)
The revoltech actually has the twintails on tiny pegs so they can rotate in any direction, an elegant solution but probably not as "hair-like."

Poseability-wise, the revoltech is a clear winner, demonstrating a capacity unknown to virtually all figmas--SHE CAN SIT DOWN!!1!
Her knees can touch, and her elbows can almost touch behind her back as well. Because of the revojoints in the wrists, her hands have a much greater range of motion AND are less likely to snap as a bonus.

The figma has a greater range of head motion, and her torso has a greater range of motion...

Erm...MUCH greater...
The revoltech's torso doesn't rotate much, or flex back and forth that much, but she doesn't have the "floating boobs" problem.

In terms of aesthetics, your mileage may vary. Personally, I think the revoltech does a much better job of hiding and integrating the joints than the figma, but the hands of the figma definitely look better, and the joints of the hands on the revoltech can be hard to cover up.

The revoltech's feet are shaped differently and have the additional neat detail of being painted on the soles.
http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/moronokimi/15405206/44981/44981_original.jpg http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/moronokimi/15405206/45263/45263_original.jpg

For me, the biggest difference is in her "ZA BEASTO" face. Both versions come with one, but I just like the revoltech's better. It looks more "unhinged," in my opinion.
The figma's has more hilarity potential for sure, though.

One last caveat...the revoltech's base is awful. I mean REALLY AWFUL. It barely holds Mari up and has so little flexibility you basically have to pose her without the base because in most instances she simply will topple the whole thing over. The bottom part of the stand isn't even any heavier than the rest of it, it's atrocious. Why they couldn't just use the same type of base that they use for their robots is completely beyond me, it's terrible = _=

In closing, I'd say that which one you will prefer is dependent on your liking of their aesthetics, and especially on whether or not you want the entry plug. Figma Mari wasn't too popular so she pops up with some regularity on Mandarake in the 2000 yen range. The revoltech was cheaper to begin with so you'll probably end up paying about the same no matter which one you choose.
If you're a big Mari fan like me? Get both like I did for more options! I find them both great fun. Which one do you guys like better?
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Great review! I like the comparison between the figma.
hace 7 años
I have both of these figures and never bothered to compare them like this, so this review was interesting.
hace 7 años
This was a cool article, I'd like to see more. But I think I like the revoltech version more!
hace 7 años
I like Figma better though....comes with her cockpit though....that's what made her more appealing to me.
hace 7 años
In my bias opinion lol... I like the Revo more...

Although I like Figma's cockpit...
hace 7 años
I've never had any revoltechs before, and I've been wanting to get the Evangelion figmas for awhile, but now I think I might go with revoltech. My one buddy always says they're so much better than figmas.
hace 7 años
From what I've seen, the Fraulein line of revoltechs are superior to their figma counterparts (Asuka, Mari, Rei, Yuki, Haruhi, Mikuru). Joints are better, the paint job is superior especially on the Evangelion revoltechs. That glossy paint is just awesome. Also, the revoltech size is bigger than figma and are slightly cheaper as well.
hace 7 años
In this case Revoltech >> Figma. Also with Asuka and Rei. Figmas only have better acessories.
hace 7 años
well...I love both. Figmas and Revo.

but I only have Mary figma ver. and still searching the revo.
hace 7 años
All things being equal, I tend to prefer Figmas to Revoltechs, as in my experience Figmas tend to hold up a little better over the long run (I'm almost afraid to move my Revoltech Asuka since these days it seems to practically fall apart at the slightest touch) and the Figmas don't have those horrible sphere-shaped joints.

I'd have to go with Figma Mari here, as I'm not sure I like the metallic pink plugsuit.
hace 7 años