Unplanned archonia loot, gaming and western loot focusUnplanned archonia loot, gaming and western loot focusLoot

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So my pictures may not be the best as it was not planned but people seemed interested in it.
None of the items are in mfc database however.
This loot is unusual as archonia usually isn't the cheapest, but in this case they were.

So what is in this loot?

- geralt in bath polystone by dark horse
- funko pop baby aurene
- funko pop rhytlock
- Winx club manga
- how to train your dragon night light

This was additional to my previous loot which I will also show here as well for a bit

Whats in that one you ask?
Basically the rest of the how to train your dragon funkos :D plus a gift for my bf, another baby aurene xD and some manga (Haruhi Suzumiya and welcome to the ballroom) and leshen super size funko

Anyways onto the main loot it's all about.

Starting off with geralt


At first I thought he was damaged but they're blown out or burned out candles xD silly me


Very detailed I think his head could be better but the bath and body look so perfect! No regrets :)


The box is simple but gives very good protection and shows what's inside.


He also came with a card of authenticity!


If you also want him, he's backorder status on archonia now.

Then let's look at the next item, Winx manga. It's debatable whether it is a Manga but it was listed as that


Very rare and discontinued everywhere I got lucky as I had the last one on archonia! It was so cheap and contents are colored, every single page!! Pleasant surprise.


Cover has glitters on the Winx logo, pretty nice touch


I used to watch Winx every single episode of it and was a big fan as a kid so it holds a special place in my heart and for a mere 6 euros u couldn't pass. No regrets here either.

So we continue with a very cute dragon, which dragon first you ask?
Okay okay baby aurene first.

After I gifted my bf one I found out it has an in game code for a mini.
As at first I didn't care for GW2, I started playing after my bf kept mentioning its just as good as WoW which I follow lore of.
Well he got me. I love dragons and there's lots of em in it and I still play now as sylvari and charr.
So.. I wanted one in game myself and so here she is




Such a cutie and her in game version looks nice too


Same goes for rhytlock.


Fun fact I thought I would like baby aurene more but as a mini I prefer rhytlock :)
As the funko itself I think I like baby aurene more :)

Here he is as in game mini


I love both and funkos don't take up much space with compact box. I keep them in box :)

Onto the other cute dragon, a night light from the httyd set. I got all the other ones too, all from archonia too except toothless (got him cheaper 2nd hand but unopened with stitch hula)




So adorable isn't he

Here he is with the family


Yes perfect :D
I loved this series so much and still do and whole I'm not a big funko fan I think their animal versions often look good. Including these.

So the rest of the previous loot I got a month ago :)

The mangas. I needed only these 2 to complete the Haruhi mangas :) so finally I got all. As prices increased on other shops, I went with archonia.
Plus welcome to the ballroom, as a big fan of ballroom I just had to get the manga!


And the leshen plus other dragons :) when still boxed. Above you already saw them displayed


All funkos still seem available on archonia if you want them. Except light fury.

Well I hope you enjoyed this humble review with a lot of background info x3 onto next time!
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
mminthace 3 días#85307508Great loot! Winx really takes me back. And that Geralt figure turned out a lot better than I thought!

Exactly same for me and since it doesn't take up much space and was inexpensive I picked it up :)

True :D it's quite detailed especially the water! :) and his body
hace 3 días
Great loot! Winx really takes me back. And that Geralt figure turned out a lot better than I thought!
hace 3 días
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Xelloshace 10 días#85030737You sure love those funko pops. Dunno, but somehow they never appealed to me. Your other goods are great and that bathing Geralt is funny. Now they need to make a Shrek version so you can do this img.ifunny.co/i... XD

Some look good as funko yes but not all. I got 15 I like and that's it.
I loved the bonus with the guild wars ones :)

Haha yeah that would be perfect xD!!
hace 10 días
You sure love those funko pops. Dunno, but somehow they never appealed to me. Your other goods are great and that bathing Geralt is funny. Now they need to make a Shrek version so you can do this img.ifunny.co/i... XD
hace 10 días