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Hello all, I have this excellent figure with removable arms so that you can remove the jacket. Despite being exceedingly careful with Grey, his soft plastic jacket split at the seam from the force required to push it off his shoulders (following the instruction sheet exactly). This is how he's displayed at the moment.
I've used superglue on figures before, but because his shirt is flexible plastic, that might pull the seam closer together again, but would I have the exact same problem if i try and remove the jacket again? Any better ideas? Many thanks in advance, I'd appreciate any guidance here.
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plasticizer very mild
I know there is a line of flexible glues by Loctite, but I've only used it for shoe sole repair. Another thing that comes to mind is solvent-based PVC cement. These things basically dissolve a bit of material and fuse them together.
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I haven't had to do much repair on soft plastic but I would probably use epoxy rather than cyanoacrylate (super glue). Epoxy has a bit more plasticity and might behave better during future handling.
If it were me I'd probably also strengthen the fix by gluing a few strands of fiberglass on the inside of the shirt but it's not something that everyone has handy.
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It is unfortunate that something made by GSC would break that easily. However, I've broken figure parts as well while assembling them and crazy glue usually does the trick but you have to be very careful applying it. The jaggedness of the break makes it a very good glue candidate for fixing. Also, you probably shouldn't be changing his shirt much if it puts too much strain on the part.
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That happened to mine and I used Krazy glue to fix it. But I never take the shirt off so I don't know how well it will hold up. I only took the shirt off once and it started coming apart at the seam so I decided not to take it off again after I fixed it.
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