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  • I'll jump on the bandwagon and express my hope for more Fire Emblem. AFAIK there wasn't much of a 30th anniversary celebration aside from the pantsless Marth banner in FEH, probably because of the virus. I'm hoping for a Tellius remake, but honestly, any new non-amiibo Fire Emblem figures would be nice. (While we're at it, I hope they make some of the Greil Mercenaries, though it'll probably end up just being Ike if that happens.) I can sort of imagine GSC releasing a Hilda scale if they're going to do something for a non-lord character, but more realistically, we can hope for Claude and Dimitri figmas in the case that FE has any presence at this Wonfes.

    Also, maybe there will be some ACNH nendos this time? The game was a huge success, so it's plausible. Flick would be neat.

    Edit: I just remembered the Phos figma announcement. Maybe they'll acknowledge it this time around?
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    jumpluff Pegasus Knight
    I'm not sure if we can expect anything manufactured by Stronger from those companies? (IIRC they are a GSC company?) ITEM #806152 is the one I'm most interested in seeing.

    Fire Emblem would be nice.
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    Cool! I want an update about this ITEM #945908 (and maybe others 13 Sentinels figures...)
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    Crossing my fingers to see this Nendoroid. ITEM #945883
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    some nice older versions of the attack on titan characters would be nice
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    Great news and in only 2 weeks wow! Hoping for:
    Max Factory/Figma:
    -figma Thorfinn sculpt ITEM #872665
    -painted prototype of figma Maria ITEM #675850
    -Galo, Lio figma painted/scultpted ITEM #862218 ITEM #862219
    -figma Bondrewd sculpt ITEM #945865
    + any other updates on their many many previously announced figma

    Phat: Prushka sculpt ITEM #872684
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    PLEEAAASE orange rouge, deliver some new tourabu figures :3
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    maybe they'll release more fire emblem stuff to go with the edelgard figma and the recent anniversary, I hope we get another scale figure
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    Great news! I was hoping for something like this.
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    Hopefully, we get more Fire Emblem merch or get the Bayonetta Nendoroid finally painted and up for pre-orders!
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