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  • I have OCD, all to do with cleanliness. So the figures that I've bought, I've just kept in their boxes for fear of dirtying them in some way. Its pretty annoying because the oldest one I have has been in my wardrobe for about 2 years now, never opened. Its been pretty hard trying to get myself into a better position where I'd actually feel comfortable opening them up and put them on display; I keep telling myself I'll start doing some things and then I'll be able to open them soon...hasn't quite worked yet.
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    I have diagnosed OCD from cleanliness and order. I can not stand long without checking all my figures are clean :(
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    Lexiyhace 29 días#78819965What are your OCD symptoms?

    Intrusive thoughts,
    Reassurance seeking,
    Compulsive checking,
    Fears of being terrible things (convincing myself I am) ect
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    Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
    What are your OCD symptoms?
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    chrichriHace 1 mes#78764865If anyone selling figures from my wishlist please pm me :) I am also selling figures

    This thread is about OCD?
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    Also something I forgot to mention (so like me to do lol) does anyone else obsess over the future of their collection? like, for example, I always think about how I need to buy conventional things that I'll keep for a long time, like not a Miku prize figure that ill end up selling on a whim but something rare, cute, and convenient to have on a shelf 10 years from now. I know this is mean, but I glance at other people's collections sometimes (I am... mean) and think to myself, ”Oh my God, how are they gonna get rid of this stuff in the next 10 years all of this stuff is trendy stuff that goes out of style and blah blah blah-” This is coming from a person with OCD, so keep that in mind. I know people can enjoy stuff and everythings temporary etc, but STILL.
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    TheMochiMachineHace 1 mes#78764003What kind of OCD do you deal with?
    Nothing crazy, just things like proper code indentation, lining up assign statements, etc.
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    Honestly it's tough, but I know you can make it through. My experience with it has been nightmarish. I lost sleep, relationships, and even my own general health and wellbeing because of it in the past. It's very important to deal with it correctly instead of letting it control you, and seeking help is the first big step in the right direction. It's very important to talk to people who understand, because most will write it off as you being overly particular, picky, or just plain rediculous.
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    cuteHace 1 mes#78764738i completely get it. it's so horribly frustrating too because you think about these awful things and you KNOW they're bad and you don't like thinking about them, but because they're such persistent and obsessive thoughts you start to doubt yourself and it furthers the thought that you're actually a disgusting person who enjoys such horrible things :(
    i just have to constantly remind myself that i'm not, and that there are thousands of other people who deal with the same thing.. it's really hard at first, but it does get better (especially with therapy and/or medication). i've been dealing with it mildly since i was a teenager, but my GAD got really bad last year due to work related stress and since then it's been more persistent than ever for me, but i'm finally starting to have less anxiety over it! funnily enough, work is now one of the things that helps take my mind off of it
    like i said, you're definitely not alone ♡♡♡ i genuinely hope things start to get better for you soon!

    I think the fact that I'm scared of being these things and that these thoughts upset me might help me to understand that I'm not a horrible person because they upset me. I know I'm definitely not alone but I also know that I must work on a lot of this mostly by myself so that the cycle can be defeated once and for all. I've had a new obsession almost daily/ within a few days since April. I think this has probably been affected by the lockdown and not being able to see my partner properly. If I could ask for anything in the world it would be to just stop worrying about these things.
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