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    Aww, don't worry. Those questions are really only to prevent trolls from signing up. The community there is great. You will definitely be tempted to buy another doll though, so you're right about that lol.

    Yes, that's definitely the best place to sell too. I've sold many doll-related things there, there's always a buyer looking for something. I have a feeling your fox would sell in a heartbeat, he's really cute.
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    Thanks for the advice! I didn't realize that there were tools to help with restringing, but now that I've looked into it, it makes the process seem a lot easier.
    I'm not on DoA since the application process seems pretty intimidating. I sort of intended to stay out of the community so I wouldn't be tempted to purchase another doll. It does seem like an account would be useful for selling the fox (which I didn't intend to keep), though.
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    I don't think the bubble is entirely solid, but I have no way of knowing for sure. The third arm can indeed hold a pencil, albeit weakly.
    Thank you for the sealant tip. That sounds a lot easier than attempting to repair the company's faceup haha
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    Thank you so much for the advice! I tried the plastic bag thing and finally got one arm through! (The jacket is too tight at the shoulders to get the other into the sleeve.) I will look into the other things you suggested.
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    kaityleeHace 1 mes#78328611Cute!!
    I noticed you talked about a smell, and it reminds me of when I got my first Dollfie Dream. The smell was so different than figures PVC smell, it was so strange to me!
    Also I love ACBJD~! I just got a haul of clothes from them and I'm so happy with the quality.

    Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I think I might pick up some clothes from ACBJD at some point. My sister asked me why she didn't have any pants lol
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    Are you on Den of Angels? You'll find a lot of help for BJDs there, and frequently posted box openings :)

    It's been a few years since I've been in the BJD scene, but I can help.

    Someone already mentioned hot glue sueding (that's my favorite method, and it isn't permanent like it sounds - also be sure to use a low temp glue gun). For the hands, it's definitely better to remove them before dressing her. Hands on BJDs are meant to be swapped out. If you tug on one you will see that it has an S-hook. Some BJDs have notches, so that you can pull out the S-hook, remove the hand, twist it and rest it in the notches so that it doesn't retract back inside. If it doesn't have this, you can use something temporary to hold the S-hook (like a washer). EDIT: Missed that someone already mentioned this, sorry!

    You said you don't want to buy the materials for maintenance for your BJD, but if there's one thing I recommend investing in above all else, it is a pair of hemostats. You can get them for really cheap and they are essential for temporarily holding the string in place. I even use them while I'm hot gluing so that I don't have to take the body apart.

    I also definitely recommend a silicone wig cap, as you've mentioned. In addition to keeping the wig in place, they also prevent staining from the wig.

    Anyway very pretty girl...love her body blushing :)
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    Oh, she looks neat. I like the extra bumbblegum bubble. Pity it's so heavy. Is it hollow, or just a ball of resin?
    She has a very cute, and gentle face. And that third arm is pretty cute/cool too, could imagine it holding a pencil for some reason.

    I think, if you're really worried about chipping, or hand stuff coming onto the doll, to just add another layer of sealant. The body seems mostly protected though anyway, through the clothing. For the face... maybe? If you intend to touch it often, it could be an ok option, but the problem would be the eyelashes, since they'd have to be removed, so wouldn't recommend unless you know how to fix those back in place.

    I recently got an order from ACBJD, though I got free DHL-shipping, sent on the 8th, arrived on the 12th.
    Guess you got EMS because they hadn't established the new-shipping procedure yet. But it's good it at least arrived unscathed.

    The paypal fee is annoying, I went with a layaway, and when that turned up on the excel file, I was a little miffed. I get why it's there, but still. At least I got a bunch of free/cheap stuff. (I got the Kazari Kittens, W&B, and some free pets from the doll manufacturer. LS)

    Personally I kinda like seeing BJD articles here, IDK, but it fits, and I kinda like seeing the reaction from the figure community to BJD's. And they're rare enough to not really disturb anything. Been thinking posting my own order, but Idk yet.
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    Dream Valley has some very nice and interesting designs! Grats on the cute dolls. I really like her face-up!

    Resin smell will fade in due time, I don't personally notice it after the first week provided the doll and box have gotten to be out in the open air. Sometimes it really can be quite strong though. > <

    Fingers stuck on lining while clothing - If you can, put some bubble wrap/cloth/plastic baggies around the hands (with or without tape, if it stays on) and try to put on the coat that way. Sometimes though you might actually have to remove the hands depending on the doll, and people get a bit creative with how they keep the S-hook in place (example by LaurieESW).

    Posing a BJD can definitely be frustrating. A lot of dolls do need some maintenance so they play nice. Sometimes it's the stringing, sometimes no matter how you string it's just the engineerings fault or certain parts are just too heavy. You can help posing by putting silicone pads (buyable in bjd shops), suede or hot glue at the joint areas (plenty videos on it). If you want a standing pose I'd always recommend getting a doll stand (I prefer saddle style ones over waist-grips, personally).

    For wigs, companies like Volks have Wig Mist/Spray and Wig Wax/Cream (usually used on tips or bangs or shorter hair). I use both on some very long wigs to keep them in check. Volks even has shampoo/conditioner (this I don't own/haven't tried). A quickfix for the wig staying on you could try to put some tape Velcro on the head to prevent as much movement.
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    kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
    I noticed you talked about a smell, and it reminds me of when I got my first Dollfie Dream. The smell was so different than figures PVC smell, it was so strange to me!

    Also I love ACBJD~! I just got a haul of clothes from them and I'm so happy with the quality.
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