Comentarios Daisy -- Peace Keepers - 4 Leaves - Tony's Heroines -- REVIEW 34

  • I love Tony's figures, and this one has always been in the back of my mind. I know there are a few other girls in the set: any plans on getting them? I think you should liven up your display with a few flowers, hehe!

    I absolutely love how the wings look like stain glass. Somehow this figure actually looks BETTER than the prototype photos I've seen on MFC.

    Great review as always, and glad that I didn't miss this one :)
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    This figure has always been on my "someday" list, as I like Tony Taka as well as the color scheme of this figure.

    Plus, Heroes of Might and Magic III has always been one of my favorite computer games, and the blue color scheme of this figure makes her look like the Pixies from Heroes III. Unfortunately, given the shipping shutdowns, it will probably be a while before I do any more preowned figure hunting. Hopefully, when the next big box o' stuff from Japan arrives, that will be a sign that things are finally getting back to normal. With a little luck, maybe some of the items I've got preordered will actually get released in 2020...
    Hace 4 meses
    Nice review! I love winged figures so i've been wanting this line for a while, but personally i don't like that they are just wearing underwear, all of them. Otherwise they would be a must buy, but as it is i'd feel bad about it, i think. Still undecided. But great review! I love the pictures!
    Hace 4 meses
    Thanks for the review and nice photos! I enjoyed reading it and she sure is cute. This figure reminds me of another Tony illustrated figure that I have which is also very well done. ITEM #530086
    Hace 4 meses
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