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Hello, this is my first article. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
The Yuno Gasai RAH is definitely one of my favorite figures in my collection. This is my most recent photo of her.


I originally got her in 2013 as a Christmas present when I was 12. I love this Yuno figure very much! I was really happy to receive her when I was a kid. Here are some old photos of when I first got her in 2013:


Her clothes are detailed and soft. She comes with her infamous crazy expression and an angry expression. She also comes with extra hands, an axe, cellphone, and fire extinguisher. Her accessories are all pretty good quality! I'm personally a fan of her default smiling face (◕‿◕✿). It's very cute! Creepy in a way too.


I'm very surprised how expensive and rare this got in just a few years! I remember finding this particular one on Amazon USA. You could also find her in various places such as Yesasia and eBay.

Sadly, since I was very young, I didn't treat her box with much respect. It's damaged with dents and dirt which I'm sad about (◕︵◕). The figure itself is pristine though!


My only complaint (applies to RAHs in general) is that the hand joints can get stuck and they can break very easily. I had her, Black Rock Shooter, and a Nagisa Kaworu RAH break in different ways. They're very delicate even if you're careful.
(I tried moving Nagisa's arm to pose it after a long time and it just snapped in the middle joint. No idea why that happened...)

What are your thoughts on the Yuno Gasai RAH? (▰˘◡˘▰)
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I'm going to be honest. At first when she came out I was like 'meh, there'll be other and better figures of her as she's a super popular character' At least in Spain Mirai nikki was a hit, and Yuno was more popular than her show itself. Even nowadays there are still a good number of Yuno cosplayers out there. I was one of those Yunos as well, she has my 1st cosplay. Without noticing it I ended being too much into looking for that figure... I think that's how we all ended posting here haha

I love your Yuno!
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Holy heck, that's a pretty rare find! We need more Yuno
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I love how you even have the Elfen Lied girls on your shelf! Those figures are rare and expensive like the Yuno RAH. And 3 characters come from gory shows, haha.
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This is the second last grail I need to obtain
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This RAH of Yuno is very nice, but I still think that she deserved more mearch. I would really love to see a nendo of her or even a scale. Future diary was an awesome anime, one of my favourites for all times
Hace 3 meses
The face on that box scared me for a second...
Hace 3 meses
WOW those two Camillas *O*
Nice article!
Hace 3 meses
What a lucky item to have!
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PVC anime figure store.

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