I need help for displaying my collection !I need help for displaying my collection !Ask MFC

CloPokeCloPokeHace 5 meses
Hi guys!

With the confinement going on, i'm actually take advantage of my free time to move around my figures.
Since nearly one year i've split my collection in 2 part: One in my living room just behind my desk and the other one in my room on a shelf. The part in my room is really fine and protect of direct sun light but the part in my living room eeeh i had problem with it.

The "shelf" is another desk with box covered of a piece of fabric. But i'm not satisfied... Plus it's in direct sunlight and on the way to my room (causing of knocking them sometime, Alice have a break peg because of this)

I wanted to know how you guys, who don't have big shelves or "showcase" (glass shelves? idk how it's called in english), expose your figures.

Just to precise, i can partially move figure to the other part of the collection but not all the collection and i wait more figure soooo
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kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
As someone mentioned earlier, acrylic risers are pretty cheap and a great solution for displaying figures.
Hace 5 meses
I like the paper riser method that's used here: BLOG #30134
They're easy to make, you can customize the height and they're surprisingly stable, I've used it for scales too with no issue.
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You can get risers for pretty cheap on Amazon that can help you get rid of the cloth and make it look nicer.

There's also the option of just getting a bookcase from your standard box store, they usually don't run *that* expensive. If that's still a bit to much, some wall shelves if you are able to secure things to walls.
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