Comentarios JP Post stops sending international parcels to various countries

  • Latest update says here that even EMS will be suspended starting this Friday for US and that it could take up to 4 months to arrive...
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    Demonios lo que faltaba, ahora que solución me dará Mandarakehttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/04/16/2424267.png
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    HitomiHimeHace 4 meses#77092025Why would stacking up be an issue? Just keep the money you were using to begin with?
    I see this all the time on MFC and I don't get it. If you have the money to pay then and it gets delayed...just don't spend it?

    That's my plan but I was referring to the things we cannot "predict", i.e rise in bills/unexpected costs like having repairs etc and for me I am also on a reduced wage meaning that the money that is normally there is reduced so that means I have less to spend.

    There are always things you cannot account for when saving for figures to buy but as things have turned out the rescheduled shipping dates mean it will work out for myself without too much issue.
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    ShindoWHace 3 meses#77298895Anyone know what is going on with Nippon-Yasan orders? Have some stuff that released / prepaid in March and no shipping notice. Not even a preparation notice.
    Nippon-Yasan is a another big can of worms altogether, what's with the various problems unrelated to the Coronavirus outbreak they have since December 2019.

    I strongly advise you to check out the forum thread for this shop and ask your question there:
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    Anyone know what is going on with Nippon-Yasan orders? Have some stuff that released / prepaid in March and no shipping notice. Not even a preparation notice.
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    Just to add the info regarding our Webshop:

    Basically we will try to upgrade all orders that can be upgraded: SAL to Air, or FEDEX to some countries that don't accept JP Post anymore, whenever possible (free of charge)

    If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact our customer service with your order number. We also can hold/store orders until the situation goes back to normal!
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    Yesterday I realized that Buyee has stopped counting the days of Free Storage, is weird since they hadn’t said anything on their announcement, but I have checked and at least for my 4 packages since the 1st day of April they had between 10-13 days left of storage, yesterday I checked my account and still the same days are left, and today I can likely confirm is true, although not sure if its applies to all users or depends on the country you re from.
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    LuvlylyHace 4 meses#77091903yea, i am in the same situation with biginjapan... sent them an email and i waiting for their reply, if u get any news about them can u post here?
    You probably already know but biginjapan announced they will hold on items if they can not be shipped. (just gon a mail, but it's also on their hp)

    Quote:"Orders that cannot be shipped will be stored until postal service resumes provided they are paid for."
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    yup guys, it happened one of my SAL just got returned to the sender today :/ which is zenmarket, hopefully they wont charge me again for shipping whenever SAL is available again. We shall see the answer i get..
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    LizardslikeartHace 4 meses#77135312I have a package that shipped on 3/23 Via Registered SAL and tracking hasn't been updated since the shipment date. I'm wondering if that one will be sent back or not. This hobby has definitely helped teach me lots of patience.
    My 2 SAL packages shipped 3\28 are still in Posting\Collection status, and I guess they`ll send them back. I hope that shops inform us with e-mail in that case, because I`m worried where my parcels are...
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