Official notice from GSC regarding delays due to CoronavirusOfficial notice from GSC regarding delays due to CoronavirusNews

pafy6285pafy6285Hace 5 meses
I think everyone already expected this at this point but GSC just released an official notice (www.goodsmile.i...) that there might be a 2 to 3 month delay due to Coronavirus.

Even Bandai who usually release their products on time have some product delay announcements (for a month on products that I have PO'ed). So I think we should expect more product delays from manufacturers this year.
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It depends where the moderoids get manufactured with me as I have one on pre-order, I think in the notice it said that anything being manufactured within China is being delayed, I did read up somewhere on twitter that anything being manufactured in the Japanese warehouse will be shipped normally...

Anyway I rather have these delays then anything, I don't want anyone to suffer on my behalf so I can have a plastic toy!
And due to the fact that there has been an outbreak in my area I think there will be restrictions in place at the moment :( It's sad that this virus is so bad now, but hopefully we will survive this and even learn from it!! Isn't that what we did with the black plague here in the UK??
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bruno_campos31Hace 5 meses#76015196any news on megahouse? i've preordered and paid something and the paypal buyers protection won't cover me if there's a month (or more) delay
This. I would like to know about Megahouse as well. I preordered one figure too
Hace 5 meses
Well crap. Heres hoping things start improving soon but considering that it seems like it gets worse every day, who knows.

Here's hoping the delays wont be that bad
Hace 5 meses
Damn i agree with everyone down below it scares me now that there is the corona virus in my city even.....yikes....hopefully furyu doesn't do this. But i bet they will too
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Elise_GrimwaldHace 5 meses#75993392I know it's serious, but some people are damn NUTS when it comes to this virus. Like all the blaming every Chinese person for it or not going to Chinese restaurants because of paranoia, or those people acting like if you go outside you'll get it type of paranoia. Or that statement that says everyone needs to stay inside for 30 days and not leave because they could get it type. That's what I'm tired of. I get the reason for the delays all over, and I understand why factories are cautious, but the paranoia among the people who have no real reason to be paranoid is honestly annoying. I'm tired tired of hearing fear mongering on the news lately, especially that stupid don't leave the house for 30 days even if you aren't infected and no one around your area has it crap. Plus, I want it to go away so people can start actually recovering from this junk, and won't have to worry about getting it again.Its a bunch of hysteria and I can see people here have bought into it. They really think diseases can be carried figure packages. This isn't the Osaka Flu from The Simpsons.
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I think this will be a year to save money... they sayt it will be 2 or 3 months, but I think it will be longer
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We, the dutch, though we were in the clear. But today it happened.
We've finally made NW Europe one-shade of colour on the global infection chart.
Seems the virus can be treated but not removed once infected, so lets all strap in.
In a few years we'll be carriers. This is the first occassion of many.
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any news on megahouse? i've preordered and paid something and the paypal buyers protection won't cover me if there's a month (or more) delay
Hace 5 meses
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
Regarding people who are stating the Coronavirus spreads through packages, the overwhelming majority of articles state that you are VERY unlikely to get sick from a package, as the conditions aren't ideal for it to survive. I wouldn't worry about packages at all, or the items in them. While one article states it can live for 9 days on plastic, so many others state that it'll be dead by the time it gets to you that I wouldn't be concerned.

On the plus side, I just read an article that said it has FINALLY slowed some in China. It won't help with delays (and I don't honestly care that much about delays), but it is a good thing that the people there are finally getting better and it isn't spreading so much. I still think the 30 day forced quarantine when it hasn't gotten to that level that one article states should happen is INSANE, as there aren't enough cases in the US to warrant it. It maybe should be done elsewhere, but not yet here. Should people be cautious? Yes. Wash your hands, wear a mask IF YOU HAVE IT (I guess it doesn't prevent the virus), use Lysol and hand sanitizer and everything like that. No one wants this junk. But a quarantine is drastic at this point.
Hace 5 meses
xkiraxHace 5 meses#75985038The virus can only survive a few hours outside biological beings ^^ nobody can say that for sure right now.
Hace 5 meses
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